Upset stomachs and upset ex's among worst driver dramas

Needing the toilet, children being sick and even falling out with someone in the car are some of the most dramatic things that could happen while on the road, new research shows.

JET's campaign with the slogan, 'here for drivers not dramas'
JET's campaign with the slogan, 'here for drivers not dramas'

A recent study by JET fuel asked 1,250 UK drivers what they think the worst and most likely thing to happen in the car is, and to share an experience or two.

The most common moment for 57 per cent of UK drivers is forgetting something important at home but being too far away to go back. In second place, polling 54 per cent of the votes is desperately needing the toilet but being stuck in the car.

Coming third, with 39 per cent, is the moment your children announce they cannot hold it any longer, and proceed to go to the toilet on the seat. Voters matched this to pulling into a petrol station pump and realising that it's on the wrong side of the car.

Drivers identified some more stressful situations. Twenty per cent of them remembered being late for a wedding, but more tragically, 18 per cent recalled breaking up with their partner during the journey.

Seventeen per cent of voters have left their window down during a car wash, and 12 per cent have forgotten to pay for their fuel.

The research comes after a TV campaign by the fuel company that explores a number of ‘forecourt dramas'.

Coming to their personal experiences, one driver spoke of how, after pouring herself a Slushie in a service station, she could not stop the machine, and watched in horror as it flooded the shop floor.

Another shared her embarrassment as she got a pump nozzle stuck in her car, with a third recounting her children having uncontrollable upset stomachs, a hazard oil light flashing on and off, a queue for fuel - all while being late for a wedding.

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