How can I spring clean my car at home?

Freshening your car up needn’t take too much time.

Spring cleaning
Spring cleaning

Spring is here once again and with it comes the desire to freshen things up a bit. Be that in the home or outside, giving things a good once-over can lead you to feel more prepared to make the most of the brighter months ahead.

One area worth cleaning is your car. After months of wintery weather, cars do take a bit of a beating, so a little bit of TLC can do wonders. Let’s take a look at how you can spring clean your car at home.

Start with a tidy up

Before you start anything, it’s worth giving your car a good tidy. So have a look around the cabin – is there any rubbish that could be disposed of? Are there any loose items that aren’t needed? Even taking out coats left in the boot or shoes kept in the footwell can help.

Plus, taking away loose items helps to remove any unwanted weight from the car, therefore boosting fuel economy. It’s a win-win.


Car cleaning
Giving your car a good clean can make it a less distracting place to be

A solid vacuum is a good place to start. With mucky conditions commonplace over winter, your car’s carpets can be a magnet for dirt, so give them a good vacuum to leave them looking far better than before.

If you’re struggling with some areas, then a stiff brush beforehand followed by a vacuum can really work wonders.

Wipe down all interior surfaces

Cleaning car interior
(Scrap Car Comparison)

Now is a good time to clean down those interior surfaces. Using an appropriate car cleaner, wipe areas such as the dashboard and door cards, as well as areas like the air vents and heating controls. Be careful with the steering wheel and gearstick; you don’t want to make them shiny and therefore slippery.

Plus, it’s worth testing your cleaning product on a small area if you’re using it for the first time to make sure it doesn’t damage interior plastics.

Clean interior glass

Making sure you’ve got a nice clear view is quite important when it comes to cars, so use a dedicated glass cleaner and a dry, lint-free cloth to clean the windows on the inside.

Some products require you to leave them dry and then buff out, so always check the manufacturer’s instructions before applying.

Start on the outside

Pressure washer
A pressure can make a real difference when it comes to car cleaning

Now we turn to the outside of the vehicle. Over winter, cars get battered with grit and dirt, meaning that this is a great opportunity to give your vehicle a thorough clean and remove all of these contaminants.

It’s a good idea to start with the wheels. Clean these well using an appropriate cleaner and a designated brush. You can give the tyre walls a good scrub, too. And since you’re there, why not check the pressures so that they’re all in order, too.

Exterior cleaning

Car cleaning
Spring is a great time to give your car a good clean

After months of salt, a pre-wash can be a really good idea here. There are loads of dedicated cleaners for this job – including ‘snowfoams’ – and when applied they help to take any surface dust or grit away from the paint while loosening up any stubborn areas.

Next, you can go in with a microfibre cleaning pad and shampoo. Avoid circular motions, too, and instead go in straight lines working from top to bottom.

Don’t forget the wheel arches and lower bumper areas as these pick up lots of grit and dirt. Once you’re done, it’s a good idea to dry the car down with a clean microfibre cloth as this will remove any excess water and prevent it from leaving marks, therefore ruining all of your hard work.

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