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One in four drivers admit latest car technology makes them feel nervous – study

A recent survey conducted by Auto Trader found that 37 per cent of women prefer touch screens compared to 25 per cent of men.

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Around 21 per cent of drivers say that modern in-car technology, such as ChatGPT-enabled voice assistants and self-driving modes, makes them nervous, according to recent research conducted by Auto Trader, the UK’s largest automotive online marketplace.

The research surveyed 2,000 drivers to see whether that latest technology found in most modern cars was a help or a hindrance.

The results found that one in four drivers stated that recent in-car innovations left them feeling confused, while 45 per cent of men surveyed said they would be put off purchasing or leasing a car if it had the latest in-car tech, such as iPad-style control systems and AI voice control.

On a more positive note, 21 per cent of those surveyed said they were optimistic about the evolution of dashboard technology, with female respondents proving the most open-minded, as 37 per cent of women said they’d prefer a modern-day touchscreen dashboard versus just 25 per cent of men.

Erin Baker, Editorial Director at Auto Trade, said: ‘We understand how the advancements in car technology, which has really taken off in the past year or so, may feel intimidating to some drivers. But the most important thing to remember is that everything that manufacturers introduce aims to make the drivers’ experience easier.’

She added: ‘It’s really encouraging to see how many drivers feel optimistic about the future of car technology. What’s especially interesting is how women drivers are seemingly more willing to embrace the latest dashboard designs that electric cars have to offer.’

The survey also asked respondents to select the top 10 car manufacturers they most associate with industry-leading technology, with Tesla topping the charts. BMW and Mercedes-Benz claimed second and third spots.

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