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New Aehra SUV arrives with next-gen technology and aircraft-inspired interior

Three-metre-long wheelbase allows for a lot of cabin space.

Aehra SUV

Italian-American startup Aehra has unveiled fresh images of its striking-looking electric SUV.

Incorporating a three-metre wheelbase, the Aehra’s cabin has been designed to maximise space and is said to accommodate ‘four full-size NBA players’, as well as offering five- and four-seater configurations.

The cabin is dominated by a full-dashboard-width display which changes depending on the situation the car and driver are in. For instance, when the SUV is being driven, the screen sits lower down in the car to display key information such as speed, electric range and heating settings. The two outer screens then act as virtual side mirrors.

Aehra SUV
The screen can be converted into a full cinema-style display

However, when the SUV is parked, the driver can extend the screen upwards to create a home theatre-style screen.

Fillippo Perini, Aehra chief design officer, said: “With the screen fully extended, the occupants can relax and enjoy a movie, perhaps when the car is charging or when a parent is waiting to pick up a child from school or a party. And for those who have work to do, the screen and the spacious interior afford the perfect solution for video conference calls.

“Instead of staring at your smartphone or laptop, you can sit back and not only see all the participants on the call in perfect high-definition clarity, but also listen to them with crystal-clear, pitch-perfect audio quality.”

Aehra SUV
The doors open upwards to allow easy access to the cabin

The Aehra uses a ‘yoke-like’ steering wheel which takes inspiration from the aerospace industry, with the company’s founder Hazim Nada a keen pilot and skydiver.

Inside, there’s plenty of aluminium, recyclable carbon fibre composite and leather, while the seats are said to provide the same level of comfort as ‘first-class aircraft accommodation’.

Aehra said recently that the SUV will be capable of returning up to 500 miles on electric power alone, while three electric motors will produce up to 794bhp. It’s expected that further details about the car’s powertrain – and its price – will be revealed shortly.

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