Angry pedestrian pays the price for not looking where they are going

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Road rage appeared to have affected the passer-by

The pedestrian was more interested in shouting at the driver than looking where they were going

It’s not often that pedestrians suffer from road rage, but it can happen from time to time.

That appeared to be the case for one dog-walker in Adelaide, Australia, who was recently caught on a car’s dashcam.

The video shows the pedestrian becoming angry at a driver, although it’s unclear what has infuriated him.

As the driver approaches a set of lights and slows to a halt, the man walking his dog starts crossing the road and angrily gestures to the person behind the wheel.

However, he fails to pay attention to where he’s going – taking far more interest in shouting at the motorist – and walks straight into a lamppost at the side of the road.

Further enraged by his misfortune, the man approaches the car with a clenched fist, but then chooses to leave the scene rather than escalate the confrontation.

It’s still unclear as to why the pedestrian got so angry with the driver; the motorist didn’t approach the junction at any real speed, and they can’t be seen to do anything to provoke the man either.

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