Litter pickers find needles during clean up project in Walsall

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It was supposed to be a study on 'Our Wonderful World' but what pupils found during a rubbish collection for a project left them far from enchanted.

Year 5 students at North Walsall Primary Academy were 'disgusted' to come across needles and broken glass near their school gate while further litter and trash was found at a troublesome underpass nearby.

The youngsters had initially hoped to use some of their findings in artwork for the project but instead they have now chosen to write to Walsall Council calling for action to clean up their area.

Their teacher Jade Greenwood said: "When walking around the school, the children collected the rubbish. But much of the rubbish was dangerous.

They found glass and needles right next to our school gate.

"The children were so disgusted about the mess and how dangerous the area was that they are writing letters to the Mayor of Walsall.

"They are hoping the council will do something about it and make the area safer."

Headteacher Lisa Chambers added: "The school topic was 'Our Wonderful World' and as part of it they did a perimeter litter pick.

"They were going to use some of the stuff for artwork but they were so disappointed with what they found they didn't want to do art anymore, they just wanted to write to the council for them to say what they are doing about it.

"There is an underpass nearby and the children can often see homeless people out there."

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