Now THAT'S how you teach chemistry! School's head of science has a blast in Facebook video

Staffordshire | | Published:

One, two, three - whoooooooosh. A school teacher is demonstrating the power of science with his own home-made fireworks.

Ian Henderson, who teaches at St Dominic's Brewood, staged the experiment outside the school.

A video of him has been viewed thousands of times on the Staffordshire school's social media page.

He is doing another experiment at an open day at the school today.

The video shows Mr Henderson, dressed in his white laboratory coat, setting fire to a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen in a small test tube and then a larger flask.

The flask then shoots sideways from his bench with a loud pop and a bang in the resulting explosions.

He then repeats the experiment three times more using a bigger container each time, resulting in louder blasts and leaving scorch marks in the lawn.

The final scene shows Mr Henderson armed with a tub, a long taper and wearing a hard hat and visor but it stops short of recording what happens when the gas is lit.

The open day tomorrow will see the school open to the public from 10am to 1pm.


Headteacher Peter McNabb said: "Because one of our open days is on November 5 we decided on an explosives theme and will be doing science experiments in a controlled, safe way.

"A video of our head of science blowing up increasing large containers has raised a few eyebrows – and he's joked that he hopes to keep his own eyebrows intact if things get a bit hot when he carries out the final stage of the experiment."

Mr McNabb said the open days would give visitors a chance to see how the school inspires students' growth in mind, body and spirit.

St Dominic's Brewood is an independent school, educating boys and girls from the age of three to 11 and girls only from 11 to 18.

Both the mixed Preparatory School and the High School for Girls are together on the same site in Brewood village.


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