Marathon man Mark Vaz abandons claim he beat world record by 31 hours

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Marathon man Mark Vaz has abandoned his claim on his world record run after questions were raised by runners across the UK.

Mr Vaz said on social media that he also received death threats and was the victim of trolling.

He had claimed to have beaten the previous world record for running from Land's End to John O' Groats by more than 31 hours for the 860 mile or so route.

But his time was branded 'not possible' and 'inconceivable'.

He released a statement on his Facebook page yesterday morning – before swiftly deleting it.

Mr Vaz said: "In regards to running and this record I've never once stated I beat it or wanted to beat it, I did it for charity which is close to me to raise money.

"I will not be going to Guinness now and making it official.

"I just wanted to get my point across about why I did Lands End."

Mark Vaz's Facebook post


In his statement he added that he would now be giving up running 'due to it affecting' his health.

Prior to his run, Mr Vaz had a poster made up and even put it on his support van which read: "World Record Attempt, Lands End to John O' Groats".

Then during the run he tweeted saying he was 'on target for the world record'.

After the run, he changed his Facebook profile picture to an image of himself standing underneath the John O' Groats sign pointing at Lands End, with white writing which read: "LEJOG 7 days 18 hours 45 minutes" – the time he originally claimed to have completed the run in.


His statement read in full: "So a few things that I am going to clear up which is quite simple. I've been outed for two weeks which is fine I can deal with that. Having threats and death threats made against me is a bit sad. As somebody said it's running. Again today I have woken up to 7 nice messages. So here is the crack:

"In regards to running and and this record I never once stated I beat it or wanted to beat it, I did it for charity which is close to me to raise money. Unfortunately I won't be doing any more due to it affecting my health.

"I will not be going to Guinness and making it official as I have been hounded by a number of people and it all makes it now all very bitter. Either way I can't win.

"I am glad I raised a lot of money for my charity and that was the bottom line. I'm done with explaining myself now. Like I said don't judge me if you don't know me.

"I will be coming off social media, yes I have said it before but I just wanted to get my point across about why I did Lands End. Bottom line was to raise money.

"I have nothing to prove to anyone to be honest now and even if I did which I have done I get blocked so I can't win."

It came after the Express & Star revealed that his alleged record breaking run had been called into doubt by the ultra running community and some of the best marathon runners in the world.

Gary Kiernan, an ultra runner who contributes to running website run247, said: "I have done a lot of long distance running, I know the course, I know what it takes out of you. For him it is just not possible. He is a middle of the pack social runner."

Mr Kiernan has penned an article about the now infamous run entitled 'JOGLE record smashed - or is it?' in which he called into question Mr Vaz's achievement.

Asked if the best ultra runners in the world could complete the challenge in the Penkridge man's time, he said: "No. Some of the best have come close to the world record but never beaten it. For him to do it is inconceivable."

Popular marathon runner Robert Young, who has penned the book 'Marathon Man' and is currently in the US looking to run across the country and break a world record of his own, had also called foul on Mr Vaz's claims.

He said: "It would have been close to beating the greatest runner ever Yiannis Kouros and that is not happening anytime soon. It just undermines the sport that we love."

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