Furious parents force farmer to remove barbed wire and anti-vandal bolts near footpath

A farmer has removed nuts, bolts and barbed wire from gates and fences near a footpath after an outcry on Facebook.

Barbed wire in Penn
Barbed wire in Penn

Clive Millington fixed his homemade anti-vandal system to gates and fences on cornfields in Penn to stop people trespassing on his land.

However, outraged parents posted pictures online, worried children, partially sighted walkers and animals could be injured by the new metal fixtures and fittings.

Paul Birch, who reported the issue to Wolverhampton Council, said: "Please be careful if walking over the Seven Cornfields, the farmer has installed the following anti-personnel devices to hurt people, animals and clothing.

"Especially concerned for children and the partially sighted."

Bill Roberts is concerned a child could be seriously injured by the barbed wire.

He said: "I'd question the legality of the barb wire in some places along that path, some of it at head height for a child."

Stuart Brasier believes the walkway is an ancient route which has been used by people for centuries and blamed barbed wire for animal injuries.

He said: "I have been using the paths in this area for at least 20 years, how distinct these paths are prove these ancient routes have been there for centuries but along comes the new land owner with his dangerous barbed wire.

"The barbed wire rather than plain wire is there to cause people and animals serious harm."

He added: "Our walking group recently came across a deer that had been caught up in barbed wire and obviously for several days and in extreme pain, the deer had to be put down, if it had been plain wire the deer would have lived."

Nuts fixed to gates

Lee Phillips complained as homeowners cannot have barbed wire neither should farmers.

He said: "Sure that's illegal? Especially as I can't put barbed wire or broken glass over my fences anymore."

The comments and complaints were made on the Penn Online Facebook group of which farmer Clive Millington is a member.

After a flood of complaints, Mr Millington confirmed he has removed his anti-vandal measures but still wants people to stop trespassing on his land.

He said: "I have removed the screws and wire from the gate. I will continue to pursue a solution."

Peter Creed, an administrator on the Facebook group, asked members not to abuse the farmer.

He said: "I have spoken to Mr Millington and he has assured me that he has removed the wire and the bolts and he is continuing to seek a solution to the problem.

"Please bear in mind that as a member of this group, he is entitled to be treated with courtesy and appropriate action will be taken against anyone insulting him again."

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