Lisa Skidmore's family demand further action after failings found over murder

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The sister of Lisa Skidmore has called for police and probation workers to face further action after they “failed to respond” to the risk posed by a sex offender before he raped and murdered the Black Country nurse.

Lisa Skidmore, and right, Leroy Campbell

Alison Parker has described the last two and a half years as a “nightmare from hell” as her family fought for justice for her sister who was killed in 2016.

The 37-year-old was attacked in her Bilston home by convicted sex offender Leroy Campbell on November 24.

Campbell had been released from prison in July the same year.

An two-week inquest into her death concluded on Thursday with jurors finding that numerous failings by agencies were “more than a minimal contribution” to her death.

In October, only a month before Campbell climbed through the bedroom window of Ms Skidmore’s home in Mill Croft, he admitted to police and probation officers that he was “noticing open windows” and was considering re-offending.

Jurors at Black Country Coroner’s Court found that the decision not to recall him to prison after these comments, and that information was not correctly shared between agencies, contributed to Ms Skidmore’s death.

Lisa had worked Wolverhampton's New Cross Hospital

Now, the family are fighting for further action to be taken.


Ms Parker, aged 59 from Finchfield, told the Express & Star: “The whole family has been failed by the justice system, we needed a lot of strength to fight back.

“All the people that didn’t do their job should go through the disciplinary procedures, and if they lose their jobs then so be it, at least they still have their life.

“There’s never been any information shared between anyone.

“Their job is to look after people and protect people, how can they do that when they release men like this into the public?


“My mum has always said that if they used common sense when he said he was noticing open windows and having the same feeling as when he previously offended, they would have done something.

“It was all relaxed for him at Newell House, no curfews, no-body keeping an eye on him.

“Nothing was taken any further, if he would have been recalled and my sister would still be alive - we wouldn’t have gone through these horrific two and a half years.

“If a management meeting was called, they could have had him recalled or moved back to the approved premises, but they didn’t do anything.

“They all thought someone else would do it, they didn’t do their jobs.

“My mum has a hole in her heart that will never be the same, she still has nightmares about Campbell attacking her - it’s taken a physical and mental toll on her.

“This has been a nightmare from hell.”

Lisa's sisters Joyce Skidmore and Alison Parker with their mother Margaret

Despite this, the family believe that the inquest verdict has given them the justice they deserve.

Ms Parker added: "It’s been terrible, but the jury at the inquest did a sympathy card for the family, and the coroner said he had never known that to be done.

“My mum got up and thanked the jury and said how professional they had been, around five of them left the room crying.

“We were all crying - but there was a lot of professionals there that we’ve known from the start that didn’t offer anything like a card, but the jury knew us for two weeks and gave us one.

“It was really moving and we didn’t expect it.

“We now feel that we have justice for Lisa, we only wanted justice and to show that the agencies were responsible, something we knew from the start.

“My mum has felt comfort from this, she said that Lisa’s soul can now be put at rest.

“As a family, we hope that no-one has to go through what we’ve been through.

“We’re not sure what the next steps are, but we’re speaking with our legal team in the coming days and something will be done.

“We have had a fantastic legal team supporting us for the last two and a half years, and we wouldn’t have got through this without them.”

Emergency services at the scene in Mill Croft, Bilston

Lisa’s mother Margaret Skidmore added: “The family would like to thank all family, friends, our legal team and all other parties who have supported the family for their continued support during this very stressful and challenging time.

“After just over 2 and half years of fighting the family finally have justice and accountability for Lisa’s death that should have been avoided if appropriate timely action had been taken by the probation and police services.

“Lisa was one of the most honest, caring and kind person you could meet who also had a sensitive side and would not have hurt anyone.

"Her tragic death not only devastated the whole family but also her friends and work colleagues. To be taken in such a cruel horrible way is lasting pain that the family will always have endure."

Liam Keen

By Liam Keen
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