'We both wanted a drink': Meet the man who took his horse to Wetherspoons

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She’s the thirsty horse that took the internet by storm when she trotted into a Black Country pub in front of gobsmacked customers.

Tom Dudley with his horse Paige in his front room, right, and in the pub, left

But owner Tom Dudley said it is nothing out of the ordinary for Paige, who regularly enjoys the warmth of the heaters in the front room of his home in Bilston.

Mr Dudley, from Skemp Close, said he and his female horse ‘wanted a drink’ when they were out for a walk in the town centre and went past The Sir Henry Newbolt.

WATCH Mr Dudley in the pub with Paige the horse:

Man walks into Bilston Wetherspoon pub with horse

He explained: “I was going past the Wetherspoons and I wanted a drink and the horse said she wanted one as well with a ‘neigh’. I think she wanted a drop of whiskey to warm her up.

“She was cold so I took her in with me. They were all clapping when I walked in with the horse.”

Arriving at Mr Dudley's home in Skemp Close
Arriving at Mr Dudley's home in Skemp Close


Mr Dudley says he often brings Paige into his home

The pair were in the pub for around five minutes but were asked to leave by pub staff.

Asked why, one worker said: “[It’s because] It’s an ‘oss in the pub!”

The 62-year-old, who has had Paige for four years, said of his companion: “We’re bang on – we’re very close and she follows me anywhere and everywhere.


Mr Dudley keeps Paige in a nearby stable

"It's a family thing. My grandfather and father had the same with horses.

“I keep her in a stable in a field nearby and the kids come over to stroke her and feed her.”

Mr Dudley and Paige

Mr Dudley added: “She comes into my home if it’s cold. I’ll keep her warm and then I take her back out and put a blanket on her.

“She likes to play about, she’s very playful and the kids ride her in the town and everything.

"I live quite close to the town centre, about 10 minutes away, and I regularly take her on walks.

“She’s brilliant with me. She knows when I’m coming and all the neighbours love her to pieces. She follows me almost everywhere – a bit like a dog.”

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