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Wolverhampton kebab restaurant to offer half price kebabs for two days only

German Doner Kebab (GDK) will be offering half price kebabs in store for two days only.

GDK is offering 50 per cent off kebabs for two days

As part of it’s ‘Doner Fest in Wolverhampton’, the kebab chain will be offering mains for half the original price.

Kebab-lovers can visit the site at 63-64 Queen Street, Wolverhampton, on November 21 and 22 to take advantage of the deal.

The restaurant will also host live music with a DJ in the restaurant.

The deal can be applied to all dine-in and takeaway orders.

Simon Wallis, GDK CEO, said: “We are delighted to bring the Doner Fest to Wolverhampton and celebrate the incredible history of the kebab which has become a worldwide phenomenon.

“During the festive event customers will be able to enjoy our signature kebabs for half price, providing an affordable opportunity for anyone to join the doner festivity and try our gamechanging kebabs.

“GDK has been revolutionising the kebab across the country, offering great tasting food in a relaxed modern setting and we are looking forward to welcoming the people of Wolverhampton to our upcoming Doner Fest.”

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