Parents miss meals so children can eat as Wolverhampton faces 'frightening' inflation rise

People in the Black Country have described significant struggles as the cost of living continues to increase at its fastest rate for four decades.

Sheila and Rick Cope
Sheila and Rick Cope

Inflation rose to nine per cent in the year to April, up from an already high seven per cent in March, the fastest measured rate since records began in 1989 according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Tracey Andrea, from Low Hill, has gone days without eating to make sure her son eats.

Tracey Andrea

She said: "Gas and electricity is killing me.

"I don't eat to make sure my son eats. I have gone days without eating to make sure he has a meal.

"It is too high, it has gone sky high.

"I can't go and see my daughters either as I live away from them, because of the fuel price changes. I have bad health myself so sometimes I can't walk very far, and the taxis have gone sky high.

"I am dreading things getting worse. I've started growing my own vegetables in the garden to see if that helps."

Sheila and Rick Cope

Sheila and Rick Cope, from Oxley, have changed many different aspects of their lives, ensuring they do not waste anything.

Sheila said: "If you are shaking in your shoes now, what is it going to be like in the future?

"I am concerned, we are always looking for the yellow labels in the market.

"We are already using cheaper makes, we make use of all the coupons as well.

"You only have a few items in the trolley and it is £30, where it would have been £20 in the past.

"It is frightening, we are already changing in terms of energy. We have already got rid of our fridge.

"I don't waste anything, I make sure I use everything up.

"When you have leftovers, I ask 'what can I use this with?'

"We don't go anywhere anymore, with the fuel rises too. We don't have the TV on in the afternoon anymore either.

"We used to have it on from when we got up, but now, it is off at the mains."

Jennifer Hixon

Jennifer Hixon, 75, of Coseley, is concerned by the rises, but says she expects to be able to make it through.

She said: "I think everybody is concerned up to a point, it is about being aware of where you need to be careful.

"I survived 40 years ago, so I expect to survive this.

"I am having to be more careful and sensible and not waste any money anywhere.

"I haven't got any savings for the rise in inflation to affect."

Jefny Ashcroft

Jefny Ashcroft, a drama specialist from Wolverhampton, added: "It will affect all but the super rich, and the Government is supporting the super rich.

"I am more worried about my gas and electric bills.

"They are always quite high, and I find myself trying to get money together for the next one.

"I haven't got many savings, and I will have to start using them I think."

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