Public make personal mask choice over ‘muddled rules’

"I'm not saying people should be forced to wear them, but I feel more comfortable with mine on."

Davie Fuhrer said it was essential for people to wear masks to keep everyone safe
Davie Fuhrer said it was essential for people to wear masks to keep everyone safe

Opinion among shoppers mingling in Wolverhampton city centre was mixed around the level to which people should wear face coverings or not, following the move into step four of the easing of lockdown.

The move has seen Covid-19 prevention measures removed by the Government.

One of the changes has been around face coverings, which are not longer required by law. But the Government has said it expects and recommends that people wear face coverings in crowded areas such as public transport and supermarkets.

On Dudley Street in Wolverhampton, there were a lot of people still wearing face masks as they walked up and down the street, but there was also a sizeable number who were not wearing them. And gone also were the members of staff who have for weeks manned the doors of shops to monitor numbers and request mask wearing among those entering.

Clive and Lilian Brunjes had differing views, with Lilian saying she would keep wearing hers, while Clive said he'd take his off out doors

Lilian and Clive Brunjes, from Willenhall, were out shopping, with 77-year-old Lilian saying she was still going to wear her mask whenever she could, while 77-year-old Clive said he was more relaxed about it.

Lilian said: "I'll continue to wear mine as it helps me feel comfortable when I'm out, although I do think it should be up to people to decide whether they want to wear one or not.

"I do feel I need to wear it as well because there's all those warnings out there about how you need to protect everyone and keep it to yourself, rather than passing it on."

Clive said: "I'll continue to wear my mask in enclosed spaces, like in shops or on buses, but I'm happy to take it off when we're out in the open. I do think people need to wear them in places when they're all close together, but people should be OK to take them off when they go outside."

Davie Fuhrer, from Graiseley, said he thought mask wearing and face coverings should still be mandatory, with the 46-year-old saying it was everyone's responsibility to keep wearing them.

"We're not out of the woods yet, so I think we need to keep wearing them as they're proven to reduce the chances of getting Covid," he said.

"There's a lot of people walking around not wearing masks and I know it's not mandatory at the moment and people feel like they're being treated like kids, but it's a responsibility to wear a mask. I'd encourage people to wear them to protect people who might get ill from the virus and to stop themselves from getting it."

Rose Tattersill wanted the guidance on masks to be clearer

Rose Tattersill, from Oxley, was wearing her facemask and the 78-year-old said she would keep wearing it, but wanted the guidance to be better for other people.

She said: "I think we should still be wearing them and I'm going to keep wearing mine, but it would help if the rules were clearer as they are very muddled at the moment. It's becoming one rule on one day, then a complete change the next, so it should be clearer for places like restaurants and bars and other crowded places."

Colin Draper said he would keep wearing his as it helped him feel comfortable

Colin Draper, from Willenhall, said he would continue wearing his as he felt more comfortable, and the 67-year-old said he wanted to see more people wearing masks.

He said: "I feel more confident and comfortable being out with this on, but the only downside is I'm not certain how effective they are when not as many people are wearing them.

"While people can't be forced to wear them, I do give them a wide berth wherever possible and I would want them to wear them on public transport as you're around a lot of people in an enclosed space."

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