Hero five-year-old comes to mother's rescue during epileptic fit

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When Teon Bromley’s mother suffered an epileptic fit the five-year-old hero took control and came to the rescue.

Keshia Edwards, 24, has lived with epilepsy for almost 10 years and sometimes goes into seizures.

While it might be a terrifying moment for her children, little Teon has learned to stay calm and deal with the situation like an adult.

WATCH Teon describe how he reacted to the fit:

Five-year-old son saves mother after epileptic fit

On Tuesday, after Ms Edwards suffered an episode at about 9am, he made sure his two younger sisters Serayah and Shalagh were safe before alerting a neighbour.

There was no answer from the first two doors he knocked on in Fordhouses, Wolverhampton, but his determination and persistence saw his mother get the help she needed.

Ms Edwards, a single parent who lives in St Anne’s Road, said she was ‘so proud’ of her son.

“I was at home and had the children in the bed with me when I went in to a seizure,” she said.


Teon has been helping his mum since he was aged two

“Teon put his six-month-old sister Serayah into her cot, told his other sister Shalagh to stay with me and then went to get help.

“He went to one neighbour and then another but there was no answer – but eventually by the third he managed to get a neighbour to help.

“The neighbour came round and she checked me over and stayed with me until I came round properly.


“The neighbours are aware that he might come round.”

“She was going to call an ambulance but because I came round, she contacted my doctor’s surgery instead.


Teon, who is in Year 1 at Rakegate Primary School, has been helping his mum when she goes into seizure since he was just two.

She added: “He’s stayed at home just hugging me and giving me love. I am really proud of him.

“He’s been helping me since he was younger and doing it since he was two. He used to call the police. I told him that during the day time he should go and get help and at night call 999.

“When he was a lot smaller he used to just sit next to me and cry – we had to put something in place so he would come and help.

Epilepsy seizures can start at any age and affected people in different ways. Symptoms can include losing awareness and staring blankly into space and collapsing.

Ms Edwards said: “He’s going to make someone really happy when he’s older.

“I’m just really happy that he’s aware of what to do when I suffer a seizure.

“With me being a single parent he has so much responsibility at the age of five and he’s so brave. It’s so good that someone of his age is so aware and can go and do something to help.”

For more information on epilepsy and advice on what to do when someone goes into seizure go to

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