'Appalling' pro-Russian graffiti sprayed on park wall

A Black Country resident has spoken of his disgust at seeing pro-Russian graffiti in his local park.

The Graffiti is very clearly written and stands out on the wall. Photo: Francis Renfrey
The Graffiti is very clearly written and stands out on the wall. Photo: Francis Renfrey

Francis Renfrey from Aldridge was out on a walk through the town and said he had decided to take a rest in the Croft when he said he noticed fresh graffiti on a wall with the words "Russian Victory" spray-painted on it.

He said: "I was appalled when I saw it as apart from the anti-social behaviour this represents, the message is completely unacceptable given that Russia is the aggressor and surely not in keeping with the majority of people in this area.

"I used to work in Ukraine and have friends and colleagues in places such as Donetsk, Odessa and Kyiv and I think it's very obvious that Russia are the aggressors, not Ukraine.

"For someone to write that and for it to be so visible is appalling and I'm sure it was done by pranksters as who in their right mind is pushing for a Russian victory."

Mr Renfrey said the Croft was an ancient area of common land, standing next to the town centre and Aldridge Parish Church and said the graffiti was on a wall for a house and visible across Little Aston Road.

He said he hoped people seeing the graffiti would be as appalled as he was about it.

He said: "I hope they will be appalled as I don't see, unless I'm out of tune with public opinion, how anyone can have any rationale for supporting Russia in the current climate.

"The fact that it is such a seismic world event is one thing, but to have it referenced in this way in sleepy old Aldridge is another thing entirely."

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