Toddler thrilled as family cat nonchalantly returns home after more than two months missing

A family cat which was missing for more than two months has nonchalantly returned home.

Georgie and Obi finally reunited
Georgie and Obi finally reunited

Holly Newton's cat, Obi, went missing from her home in Fort Crescent, Walsall Wood, back in late July, leaving her and her two-year-old son, Georgie, devastated.

The pair did all they could to try and find him, including putting posters around the area searching every night, with young Georgie calling Obi's name in hopes of finding him.

After weeks of searching, and multiple sightings falling through, Holly began to fear the worst.

Hannah Newton from Walsall Wood with Obi

That was until Sunday, when Obi, the one-year-old ginger and white cat, walked up the drive as if nothing had happened.

Holly, 28 and a self-employed beauty therapist, said: "I am renovating a house which I am moving into and my neighbour just sent me a picture out of the blue saying 'look who has turned up'.

"We did everything to try and find him, I put posters up all around the location.

"Every sighting someone reported we would go, but it was always a different cat.

"I would call him and drive around every night."

"I was starting to assume he had been hit by a car because there were no sightings for a while."

Obi and young Georgie shared a warm embrace once they were finally reunited.

Obi has returned home after more than two months missing

"He is my little boy's cat really, he was heartbroken, he would come every time we were searching.

"When he turned up it was like 100 different emotions. I didn't know whether to cry, laugh or smile. I was in complete shock for about three days, it's unbelievable.

"He must've been local, he was an outdoor cat, but he never went far. We lived on a dead end, you'd just see him playing with a neighbour's cat.

"We are so relieved and happy to have him back."

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