Walsall couple's wall destroyed as car smashes into it while they watch TV

A couple's back garden wall has been destroyed after a car came crashing through it.

The wall was left completely destroyed
The wall was left completely destroyed

William and Eileen Arrowsmith were settled down to watch American Gangster on Friday evening, but they never did see the ending.

At around 11.30pm, the pair heard an almighty bang outside their home on Carnoustie Close, which backs onto Turnberry Road in Bloxwich.

They immediately ran outside to see what had happened and were met with the sight of their back garden wall completely flattened.

The owners don't know who is going to pay for the repair

Mr Arrowsmith, 74, said: "We heard two crashes and went outside and were met with a massive hole in our wall.

"We don't know who is going to pay for the damage at this point, we have surveyors coming out to check it over."

William says he has had concerns over the safety of the road for some time and thinks this accident was always going to happen.

"The majority of people who drive around her are fine, but you have a few who aren't.

"I have called it the racetrack, we hear loud exhausts and cars flying past all the time, especially in the summer.

"It seems to be in the evening mostly, I have reported it to the police and the council in the past.

"I think the road needs more traffic calming measures.

"There’s one speed bump and a zebra crossing, and people don't even need to slow down to get over the speed bump."

Walsall Council say speeds on the road were monitored back in 2021, and the majority of drivers were sticking to the limit.

A spokesperson said: "Walsall Council undertakes an annual review of road collisions involving personal injury. Turnberry Road has had four known slight injury collisions in the last three-year period, with three of these being at the junction with the A34 Stafford Road.

"Speeds were monitored in 2021 and the highest speed of 85 per cent of the vehicles surveyed was 30mph, demonstrating good compliance with the 30mph speed limit by the majority of drivers.

"The council retains a request for modifications to the existing traffic calming measures on a list of minor schemes which are reviewed and prioritized as part of the annual road safety review.

"Turnberry Road was a low priority in last year’s scheme review."

*A 39-year-old was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving and later charged in connection with the incident. He will appear in Magistrates' Court on October 4.

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