Fed up residents vow to clamp nuisance cars during Walsall FC matches

Disgruntled residents living near to Walsall FC's stadium have promised to clamp any vehicles causing obstructions in the area.

Parking prior to a Walsall FC home game
Parking prior to a Walsall FC home game

On matchday the club offers parking around the stadium on Bescot Crescent, and many fans opt to park on a nearby Morrisons car park on Wallows Lane.

However, some fans park on side streets around the stadium to avoid paying for parking or to shorten the walk from the supermarket.

Those who live on Grand Junction Way, two streets away from the ground, have urged fans to stop parking on their street, believing it poses a danger in terms of emergency service access.

Amar Hussain, who lives on the road, said: "This has been raised many times before with Walsall Council and Walsall FC, however nothing seems to be done about it.

"As local residents I would like to inform you (fans) that as of the first home game of the season we will be getting our own vehicle clamping company and ensuring all vehicles which have been parked causing obstructions will be clamped and recovered to a compound, with a £300 release fee.

"We as local residents will not be raising this issue again with either Walsall Council or Walsall FC, and we will be taking matters into our own hands."

West Midlands Police has warned drivers that officers can take action against cars parked or abandoned on footpaths or parked dangerously at junctions, by issuing fines or removing the vehicles.

The club has also urged supporters to make use of the parking options available and public transport links.

A spokesman for Walsall FC said: "Whilst Walsall FC cannot be responsible for the actions of all visitors to the Poundland Bescot Stadium, we would encourage those visiting to utilise the excellent public transport links available to them to or use the official car parks that are within our footprint.

"A helpful visitors guide is available on our Official Website – saddlers.co.uk – which details all such information."

Almost 9,500 Saddler's fans descended on the area for a pre-season game against Steven Gerrard’s Aston Villa on Saturday – Bescot’s biggest crowd since a league cup tie against Chelsea in 2015.

And Mr Hussain reported his road was again blocked, to the extent which emergency service vehicles could not access the area if required.

Walsall Council said: "The council’s Civil Enforcement Officers (Traffic Wardens) are responsible for managing parking contraventions.

"West Midlands Police is responsible for responding to nuisance and/or obstruction offences – this includes situations where a vehicle is causing an obstruction.

"With respect to Grand Junction Way, the council is only empowered to act on contraventions at the junction of Bescot Crescent and Lord Street where double yellow lines are present, signifying a ‘no waiting’ restriction."

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