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Britain's Got Talent: Hospital fundraiser is first thing on the agenda for Eva

It's been an incredible year for Eva Abley, as the 14-year-old finished in fifth place on Britain's Got Talent.

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Eva Abley from Cannock has won the hearts of the nation after appearing on Britain's Got Talent

The Black Country teenager has the world at her feet, but the first thing on her to-do list is to do a fundraiser for Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Eva's mother, Kelly Abley, said: "The hospital has been a big part of her life and she's had endless appointments there, so she wants to give something back."

Eva, who lives in Cannock but is originally from Darlaston, has cerebral palsy, and is immensely grateful for her care from the hospital.

Eva Abley

They've been rooting for her all the way, showering her with supportive tweets as she's progressed through the show.

Before the final, they tweeted: "Superstar Eva Abley is set to take to the stage shortly. Everyone @Bham_Childrens is supporting our inspirational teenager, not least our teams that have cared for her since she was a baby. Go Eva! We're all behind you".

Once the results had been revealed, with Eva coming in fifth, they added: "Everyone @Bham_Childrens would like to say a huge 'well done' to the amazing Eva Abley. What a journey it's been the last few weeks on @BGT. What an inspiration. We're all so proud. Go Eva."

It's been a whirlwind week for the teenager and her family as Eva performed live twice for the nation.

Eva said: "I feel incredible and amazed. Everybody's recognising me.

"The final was surreal. The amount of people that laughed and clapped, I can't say how I feel because I feel so much excitement.

"Axel definitely deserved to win. He was lovely."

Talking about her hospital fundraiser, Eva said: "The hospital means everything to me. I get a lot of pains and aches in my muscles, and Birmingham Children's Hospital has really helped me. I still get the pains and aches daily but they have helped them become more manageable."

The teenager had a very busy week, as she was also a bridesmaid for her aunt and uncle's wedding on Saturday.

She said: "It was amazing but the funniest thing was, normally people take pictures of the bride but instead everybody was taking pictures of me and the bride was the person taking the picture!"

Talking about her hopes for the future she added: "I'd love to be a presenter and be a comedy presenter."

Judge David Walliams joked with Eva about her children's book, jesting about the competition she was creating with his own books.

Talking about her book, Eva said: "It's a bedtime storybook about a boy and a girl who both go to school with a disability and the book takes you through their struggles at school with a disability. It's aimed at smaller kids but it doesn't actually mention the word disability, so it looks at what makes someone disabled without actually saying the word disabled."

Looking back on Eva's BGT appearances, her mum Kelly added: "It was just incredible, absolutely incredible. I've never experienced anything like it.

"Eva's always been on the funny side but over the last few months it's really made her happy and I've seen such a change in her.

"Since she's started being home schooled, she's a lot happier and more confident, her confidence has soared."

Eva received glowing comments from the four Britain's Got Talent judges on Sunday night

Simon Cowell said: "A big, big part of doing well in show business honestly is being remembered and you're going to be remembered for being really funny, really naughty, hilarious, and I promise you, you've got this real like 'star glow' about you, you really really do."

Eva impressed the television superstar so much that he even said: "After that, you're probably gonna win."

David Walliams also had nothing but praise, saying: "You certainly deserve to win. you are supremely funny, you're incredibly likeable.

"You are a superstar and I'm so pleased for you."

Alesha Dixon added: "You are unique, you are fantastic, and we've all fallen in love with you."

And Amanda Holden said: "There is something about you, you've got an amazing aura. That smile is to die for. Incredible."