Scrapyard 'nightmare' finally over for residents in Bloxwich street

Residents have spoken of their relief after the “horrendous nightmare” of living next to a makeshift scrapyard created at a Walsall house which has now been cleared.

Scrap piled up at a property in Green Rock Lane in Bloxwich. Photo: Google Street View
Scrap piled up at a property in Green Rock Lane in Bloxwich. Photo: Google Street View

People living in and around Green Rock Lane, Bloxwich, said metal and car parts were piled in a garden, while trucks and other vehicles were left parked either side of the road for more than 30 years.

It meant people were unable to use the footpath, while visibility for motorists coming out of the Smithfield Road junction was severely affected.

But their long nightmare has finally come to an end following a court case earlier this year which resulted in the area being cleared up.

An aerial view of the property in Green Rock Lane. Photo: Google Maps

Sean Wayne Stanton, of Green Rock Lane, was found guilty of public nuisance offences at a hearing at Wolverhampton Crown Court on March 4 and jailed for two years.

He was also made subject of a criminal behaviour order, starting from April 1 and hit with court costs totalling £4,200.

People living in the area said they were delighted action had finally been taken and said the street had been vastly improved.

Green Rock Lane in Bloxwich after scrap vehicles were cleared.

One resident who did not wish to be named said: “It’s been going for about 30 years. It started off quite small and then he started accumulating scrap vehicles there and it got worse.

“The council got involved and fines were given but nothing seemed to change until the police got involved and people stuck together and sent letters about it.

“Living next to a scrap yard isn’t the best. It was just a living hell. It was really frustrating. I’m pleased it has been sorted out.”

Scrap and vehicles left on Green Rock Lane in Bloxwich. Photo: Google Street View

Another resident added: “It was a real danger as you’d have gas bottles in the street in between the vehicles, oil on the footpath which you couldn’t use and dangerous to cars as you couldn’t get out of the Smithfield junction safely.

“It was on both sides of the road. Recovery trucks, a BMW, a van, it was a horrendous nightmare.

“Residents would go all the way around the block rather than risk that junction and it created tension in the community.

“We’re really happy action has been taken and delighted it has been cleared up. It is much better now.

“The footpath is usable, you have clear sight of the junction, there is no oil there, [no] dumped vehicles.”

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