Walsall bus lane branded a 'money maker' by drivers after 25,00 fines issued

A strong reaction has been sparked after claims that drivers getting caught in a Walsall bus lane “trap” might have eyesight problems.

Thousands of drivers have been caught out by the bus lane
Thousands of drivers have been caught out by the bus lane

Hundreds of people took to social media in response to comments made by Walsall Council leader Mike Bird regarding the Wolverhampton Street bus gate which has seen almost 25,000 motorists hit with a fine since it was introduced in November 2020.

People hit out at the temporary traffic regulation order as a ‘money maker’ and saying the signage was poor and there were no markings on the road.

At a full council meeting, Walsall Labour group leader Aftab Nawaz put forward a motion calling for the measures to be scrapped and branding it a trap.

Deputy leader Adrian Andrew accepted the signage was originally inadequate and had been improved. He added a review was being carried out into the bus lane.

In response, Councillor Bird said: “I have to say, if you go into the bus lane after all the publicity it has had, I’d question whether you should be driving at all. It might be very well that your eyesight requirements are short.”

But many strongly disagree and are hugely critical.

Reiss Jones said: “This road is just a pure money making scheme. The fact the council try to market it as being for the environment is just plain laughable when you realise drivers now have to do over a 1/4 mile detour around the ring road, further adding to congestion.”

Neil Robson added: “And you wonder why foot fall is falling in city centres. By the time someone has found somewhere to park, the money they intended spending in the shops has been taken from them in dodgy bus lane fines, car parking and congestion charges.

“No matter how good a person’s eye sight is, if you’re visiting a city centre for the first time it’s easy to make mistakes.”

Bits N Bobs said: “I got caught in this lane a few months ago. Been doing online shopping for quite sometime. I didn’t know it was turned into a bus lane. There were also 2-3 cars in front of me. I was so confused when I got the letter.

“I can’t figure out where it was. Then I realised it was by Premier Inn. I can’t understand why they would turn it into a bus gate.”

Dazza A Series said: “It’s all over. I drive 40k+ miles per year in unfamiliar areas. Been caught unwittingly, twice, and when I’ve gone back to see where it happened, I’ve still struggled to see the warnings, deliberately vague and not obvious signage.

“No chance when you are looking for somewhere or unfamiliar. Just a money making scheme.”

Umar Ghani said: “My advice is to all who got fines and the rest of community don’t vote for them. They hit you in your pockets, you hit them by not voting them.”

Another resident, Justin Small added: “Someone from outside the area could get “trapped” by this. Not everyone knows about it, including me cause I don’t go there.

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