Fencer offers free work for the elderly after storm damage

Meet the kind-hearted man who is offering to fix pensioners’ fences after the stormy weather – only charging customers a cuppa and some biscuits.

Fencer Jon Horne, aged 22, with neighbour Pat Pressey
Fencer Jon Horne, aged 22, with neighbour Pat Pressey

Fencer Jon Horne, aged 22 and from Walsall Wood, is offering his services to elderly and vulnerable people after helping a lady whose fence panels blew down at the weekend.

She was worried about the security of her home but is struggling to keep on top of her bills and he decided not to charge her.

He said: “I can’t believe some of the older generation are in a situation where they have to decide whether to be warm or in this case have a secure fence.

“If you’ve got enough money to put food on the table, pay your bills and still have enough for a pint in the pub you’re a lot better off than many.

Mr Horne is aged 22

“So I’m happy to help where I can.” He has since offered his services to people in need for free and all he has asked for in return is a cup of tea and biscuits for his team at Midlands Fencing & Aggregates.

They have had around 1,500 messages in response and have set up a Go Fund Me page to help with the work which has raised over £1,800 within 24 hours.

He added: “Reading messages like we have received today makes you realise how privileged you are to have your health and loved ones an also upsets you to see the situations some people are currently in.

“We would love to help everyone who has messaged us but it’s physically impossible.

“We have set up a crowd funding page for anyone who would like to donate to help us help others.

“All of our jobs will be posted on our page and regular updates to how your money is being spent but without donations towards our costs, I am limited to the people I can help.

“Even if we don’t receive any donations I still strive to help at least eight to 12 elderly per month.”

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