Couple become centre of Staffordshire town for Ukraine donations

A Staffordshire couple have taken on a colossal task of collecting and distributing donations to Ukraine.

Andrew and Helen Adams with some of the many donations they've taken in for people in Ukraine
Andrew and Helen Adams with some of the many donations they've taken in for people in Ukraine

Helen and Andrew Adams have become the central point for people in Penkridge who are looking to donate items of clothing, food, bedding and other items to people affected by the war in Ukraine.

The couple have been operating a donation point at their home at Denefields, with their dining room becoming the main area where they work to divide the items, before passing them to a group for transport to London and onwards delivery.

Mr Adams said it was something they did without even thinking about it and were just happy to be able to do their part.

He said: "We've always done things like this, helping people out, and our dining room is like the staging post, with boxes everywhere.

"We've looked at every item to see if it's useful and what can be done with it and we've put everything into boxes, nothing in bags, and we have fully laden vans leaving here en-route to Shrewsbury and onwards to London.

"We've also labelled each box in England, Polish, Romanian and Ukrainian, which means that whoever sees the box will be able to work out what's in it and where it is going to."

Mr Adams said it was great to see the community come together, saying it was the people of Penkridge aiming to make a difference.

He said: "This is how we can do positive help and the people of Penkridge want to help and know that we are the sort of people who will do something like this to help people.

"They have been superb, not just through people donating things, but through the shops sending us over food and other items.

"We are a town, as such, but there is still that village mentality, working together to do good together, and I get emotional seeing children struggling, so it's good to help and why we need to help."

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