Plea for investment to repair Lichfield's potholed roads

A Lichfield district councillor has called for more investment to remedy the “dreadful” state of the city’s roads.

Councillor Paul Ray is dismayed at the 'dreadful' condition of the city’s roads
Councillor Paul Ray is dismayed at the 'dreadful' condition of the city’s roads

Potholes, some of them wide and deep, are numerous in Lichfield, forcing motorists and cyclists to swerve to avoid them and risking damage to vehicles if they are hit.

Councillor Paul Ray, who represents the Chadsmead Ward, said the solution was “proper investment in our roads”.

“Roads are in a dreadful state across our whole area and very dangerous in many places,” said the Liberal Democrat councillor.

“I am constantly reporting and arranging for potholes to be filled and roads to be repaired in Weston Road, Dimbles Hill, Walsall Road and Dimbles Lane.

“And only a few weeks ago there was the tragic incident of the fatality of Luke Cotton at the junction of Eastern Avenue and Grange Lane.

“I and residents have been pressurising the county council over many years about this dangerous junction.

“We must invest to make our roads safer.”

Councillor Ray acknowledged that during the pandemic Staffordshire County Council, which is responsible for the county’s roads, carried out a number of repairs.

He says that was “sensible” but that in many cases the repairs were “superficial”.

“For example, I lobbied to get Weston Road repaired but then this was just surface dressed rather than properly resurfaced,” said Councillor Ray.

“That is a short-term fix and a waste of public money in the long term.

"The solution to all this is proper investment in our roads - and in fact in all our public services.

“And as a party the Lib Dems are honest and straight with people.

“We say that we just cannot carry on as we are with our public services being run on a shoestring.

“So if you want better safer roads, smaller class sizes, better access to your GP, more police on the street etc then we have to pay for that and that means higher taxes.”

David Williams, Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “This year we are investing over £18 million on pothole prevention treatments, repairs and resurfacing schemes, as well as a further £2 million on maintaining and repairing gullies and drains.

“Our summer road repair season is well underway, with crews carrying out preventative treatments which help restore and protect surfaces.

“This is recognised nationally as good practice and extends the life of our roads.

“We inspect our roads regularly but are always grateful for reports from residents.

“Any concerns about potholes can be reported via the My Staffs app.”

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