Anger over delays in fixing flooded Wednesbury road

Angry residents have hit out at authorities for long delays in cleaning up flood water in Wednesbury.

Flooding on Old Park Road
Flooding on Old Park Road

The water has been gathering in Old Park Road for the past eight weeks, which has caused problems for residents and a primary school.

Rats and mice have been spotted, forcing Sandwell Council to set traps, Wednesbury North councillor Elaine Costigan claimed.

Trish Cross, 55, from Wednesbury, said: "The authorities have failed to act and the delayed response has been disgusting.

"My niece, Helen White, has bought a house on Old Park Road where the flooding is occurring. Water is coming up to her door. She is renovating the house but workmen can't get there because of the water.

"I spoke to Sandwell Council. They said something about 'water not getting into the reservoir'. They have got a big problem with drains at this stage."

Students of Old Park Primary Schools have been splashed by cars as they walk along the road while parking has also become more problematic, with parents forced to find alternative spots due to the flooding.

The school's headteacher Teresa Boddington said: "We had a group of children who were walking to the swimming baths.

"Vehicles were coming down the street and didn't slow down and a whole group of children got drenched.

"Our parents and students have been inconvenienced by the flood water. They have been walking through the flood water and parking has been a problem."

The flooding has been caused by excess water running off a holding pond nearby, a Sandwell Council engineer said.

However, there is confusion over who is accountable for the pond's maintenance, with Sandwell Council and Severn Trent Water both saying the other is responsible.

Some water has also been seen gurgling out of drains at the side of the road.

Severn Trent Water and Sandwell Council visited the site last week in a bid to finally fix the problem.

The water company has carried out a review of its sewage network to stop the flooding.

It is now hoped the problem has been fixed.

A Severn Trent spokesperson said: “Due to the recent heavy rain, we understand that there has been some flooding to Old Park Road.

"Our teams have already been out to investigate the flooding, and will be visiting again today to check our sewer network, to make sure everything is working as it should.

"If any problems are found, it will be our priority to fix it and make sure everything is back to normal quickly."

However the time taken to resolve the issue has lead to frustration from residents.

Councillor Costigan added: "The time taken to get a resolution has been frustrating. The flooding has been going on for eight weeks.

"Every time there was heavy rainfall, the road would get flooded.

"There has been sightings of rats and mice due to the flooding. It has been awful for residents."

A Sandwell Council spokesperson said: “When we see a rise in water levels either through rain or burst mains, rats are often washed from their burrows causing them to flee to higher ground where people are more likely to see them. As the water levels subside, rats go back to find their burrows if they still exist.

“We introduced rodent baiting as soon as we are alerted to the Old Park Road area. There area is still undergoing regular treatments and will continue to do so until the problems have been eradicated.”

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