Oldbury mother punched and bitten by six-year-old daughter

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A mother was punched, bitten and had her hair pulled as she came under attack - from her six-year-old daughter.

Lisa, from Oldbury, was regularly subjected to shocking abuse as she struggled to control her violent daughter.

The plight of the 29-year-old single mother was revealed on the Channel 5 show Violent Child, Desperate Parents in which she battled to put a stop to her daughter Demi's ferocious temper.

Lisa was punched, slapped, had her hair yanked and was even attacked with her mother's walking stick as the angry six-year-old ran amok.

Lisa comes under attack from Demi. Picture: Channel 5

The show follows child behavioural expert Laverne Antrobus as she tries to teach parents at the end of their tether how to control their unruly children.

She told Lisa she needed to be firmer with her little girl and let her know who was in charge.

Lisa, who lives with her mother Sharon, was told there was no 'clear marked line' in the household about who was in charge.

She advised Lisa to use negotiating techniques with her little girl, offering her alternatives when she has a tantrum, rather than further provoking her anger by saying 'no'.


The mother insisted her rampaging daughter was not always so troublesome.

Laverne Antrobus teaches Lisa. Picture: Channel 5

She said: "She can be absolutely lovely and give you the most wonderful loves, kisses, hugs then she can just change in seconds."

"It’s like somebody turns the switch on and somebody else comes, what she calls the 'bad Demi'".


Sharon said: "We have asked her does she know the 'bad Demi' is coming and she’ll say no."

During a particularly difficult tantrum where Demi was told she wasn't allowed sweets before dinner she ended up grabbing her mother's hair, only letting go when Sharon became involved.

But Laverne said that it was the grandmother's involvement that was confusing the youngster.

"I can see there isn’t a very clear marked line about who is in charge in the household in terms of the adults, is it mum that takes the firm line and sees that through or is it nanny? I think if I’m confused then Demi is going to be confused."

Grandmother Sharon and mother Lisa. Picture: Channel 5

Demi admitted she was aware of her bad behaviour and said: 'It's the 'naughty Demi'.

"'Naughty Demi gets through a gap through the back of my head and she pulls mummy’s hair, bites her, kicks her, scratches her, swears at her.

'Sometimes I wish I could kill her (naughty Demi), but there’s no way to kill her. She's horrid."

Demi lashed out at her mother repeatedly during the show but Laverne said she believed Lisa was allowing it to happen.

"I’d rather her hurt me than hurt herself," she said.

However, after six weeks of training Demi's behaviour had completely transformed. Lisa admitted Demi had lost her temper since but she was able to control it and the violence had stopped.

It came after Laverne advised the mother to use negotiating techniques to help diffuse tense situations with Demi, instead of always saying no she should offer her an alternative or a compromise.

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