Oh baby! Meet the six-month-old girl with eight inches of hair

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You can hair-dly believe that it’s real!

Katherine Mary Matthews aged 6 months with unusually long hair

Little Katherine Mary Matthews, aged just six months, is already sporting flowing dark locks.

Growing up to eight inches long at the last count, the Wordsley tot had a full head of hair when she was born said mother Natalie Moore – and it hasn’t stopped growing since.

VIDEO: Meet baby Katherine

Meet the six-month-old baby with a full head of hair

Natalie said: “She’s got a lot of hair. We did measure it from the crown and in some parts it was getting to eight inches.

“I can’t go anywhere without strangers stopped me and saying ‘oh my god, I’ve never seen a child with that much hair’.

“They call her ‘the baby with all the hair’ at the doctor’s surgery.”

Ms Moore said it took ‘extra time’ to properly take care of Katherine’s hair.


Katherine when she was born

She added: “I’ve had to keep her hair nice and fresh in the warm weather. She can have the hairdryer on a little bit. It does take some extra time to rinse her hair and dry it.

“I had to trim her fringe a few months ago, but it’s starting to come back again.

“It’s something she has got used to from an early age.


“It’s just gone past her neck and past her shoulders now.”

Six-month-old Katherine Matthews with her flowing locks

Long hair seems to run in the family, as Ms Moore’s relatives all have long hair.

The 33-year-old added: “She’s got an older sister Scarlett who is seven and a two-year old brother, Anthony.

“They both had a lot of hair but nothing at all like Katherine’s.

“It’s in our genes. She’s got that gene from my side of the family. She’s very similar to me.

Young Katherine with her mother Natalie and her grandmother Jayne who holds a photo of herself as a baby with lots of hair

“When I was four, I could sit on my hair so that was quite long.

“I had a lot of hair and my mom was born with quite a lot of hair as well and my nan, she’s 84 and she’s got black hair – with a little bit of grey.”

Ms Moore said she did not intend to cut Katherine’s hair just yet, instead choosing to let it grow.

She added: “I would like it to grow as long as possible and maybe have a trim when it’s needed.

Here's looking at you kid!

“She’s used to me brushing it now, so if she’s used to it I plan on letting her have long hair.

“I would like it to grow as long as possible and have a trim when needed.

“I don’t feel like I’m going to cut it off at the moment.

“I would like to see how long we can get it before she’s had enough.”

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