Danger fears over drivers ignoring signs at junction

Drivers in Sutton Coldfield are putting lives at risk by turning right at a turn left-only junction, a concerned resident has said.

The turn left sign on the junction of Lower Queen Street and Holland Road
The turn left sign on the junction of Lower Queen Street and Holland Road

The junction of Lower Queen Street and Holland Road in Sutton Coldfield is turn left-only.

But a resident, who asked not to be named, said the majority of motorists approaching the junction opt to make a right turn.

With Holland House Infant School and Nursery just opposite, he fears there is an accident waiting to happen.

"Drivers turn right all the time, they just totally ignore the turn left sign," he said.

"About one driver every two minutes on average takes a right turn and, for me, it is not only wrong but also a safety issue.

"If children are coming out of the school, cross the road and someone comes out of this street, there could be an accident.

"I am surprised there has not been a serious accident here and thank goodness there hasn't been," he added.

The resident said he had been told the 'no right turn' has been in force since 1971.

"On Monday morning, the first driver I saw turn right was at 8.51am and the eighth was 9.03am - that's eight drivers in 12 minutes.

"If there was a camera there – even a dummy one – it would act as a deterrent."

The resident has spoken to MP Andrew Mitchell, who has contacted West Midlands Police on his behalf to enquire as to whether they are aware of the issue and, if so, what action they will take to address it.

Sergeant Heather Jones, from the Sutton Coldfield local policing team said: “We’ve had a number of complaints at this location in relation to speeding, not the turning.

“Complaints have been raised across several forums regarding ongoing traffic matters at the location – it has been highlighted by local councillors too. It is a priority location for the local neighbourhood team.

“We have conducted four speed watches at the location, and although a small number of cars were over the speed limit, there is a perception that drivers are going faster than they are.

“Due to the ongoing issues raised and potential risk to members of the public the location has been referred to our specialist Road Harm Reduction Unit. Further operations will be carried out.

“I would absolutely encourage people to report matters, such as illegal turning, to the police. We know that low-level offences can sometimes go unreported but we need to ensure that we have as much information as possible.

“The information we gather is a vital part of how we police. It helps decide where and when we use police resources to detect and prevent crime.”

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