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Passengers miss holiday after being thrown off flight at Birmingham Airport

Unruly passengers were escorted off a plane at Birmingham Airport and missed their holiday.

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Birmingham Airport Police officers after they removed passengers

Birmingham Airport Police revealed the incident happened on Wednesday morning saying they had "zero tolerance" with passengers.

Officers posted on X, formerly Twitter, saying: "Some passengers had to miss their holidays as our zero tolerance on disorderly behaviour caused them to be off loaded."

However, the officers posted a picture of themselves watching planes take off from the viewing platform after successfully dealing with the irritant passengers. They were particularly impressed with the giant Airbus A380.

The officers posted: "But while we dealt with the bad, the good was being able to watch this mighty aircraft take off - it looks bigger in real life, it's just far away in this pic!"

A Birmingham Airport spokesman added: "We do not tolerate disorderly behaviour likely to disrupt other customers.

"Our partners in the airport police unit keep a constant watch on this to ensure BHX is a pleasant, safe environment for everyone."

West Midlands Police have also been working in the airport as part of Project Servator which aims to disrupt criminal activity, including terrorism.

A spokesman said: "We do this using specially trained officers. They’re trained to spot someone who could be about to commit a crime.

"We will patrol different places without warning, with officers in uniform and not in uniform."