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We've set up a cost of living Facebook group ahead of the winter - and want you to join

Bills are rising, there's uncertainty about our electricity and gas supply over the winter and wages are struggling more than ever to keep up with surging inflation.

Join our new Cost of living Facebook group so you can share useful information with others.

It's a worrying time for many which is why the Express & Star has set up this cost of living Facebook group.

We will bring the latest news to you about anything connected with the current crisis; whether that's government announcements, or even suggestions on where to enjoy cheap meals or days out with the family.

But we don't want this to be a one-way street. We want your voice to be heard.

So whether you want to share your story about how the cost of living crisis is affecting you, have tips or seen offers that can help people save money, or even offering your services or to give something away to help somebody else, you are free to post on this page.

Everybody is in this situation together, which is why we want everyone to be able to share information and opinions, so long as they're relevant, kind and courteous.

You can find, and join, the Facebook group HERE.