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ITV Central reporter launches into foul-mouthed rant at man 'being an idiot' as he filmed

An ITV News reporter has been caught on camera launching a foul-mouthed rant on a man who was "being an idiot" as he filmed in Birmingham.

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Footage was captured of ITV Central reporter Callum Watkinson. Photo: ImJustBrum

ITV Central reporter Callum Watkinson was caught on camera confronting the man in Centenary Square, Broad Street, after finishing a report.

In the 53-second clip shared on social media by ImJustBrum, Mr Wilkinson said he would "****ing bang him out" if the man stepped behind him again.

The TV reporter was heard saying: "I'm not a higher class than you mate, I'm just trying to do a job – have you got a job?"

The man replied "yeah I do" before the reporter added: "Well go and f***ing do it and I won't come into your workplace and start ****ing with ya."

Mr Watkinson, after being told to "stop being rude", retorted: "If you get behind me again I will ****ing bang you out, do you understand me?"

He continued: "Why don't you go and get a job and then I will come behind you and start behind an idiot? Where do you work? Footlocker or McDonald's?"

Callum Watkinson confronting a man in Birmingham. Image from ImJustBrum Twitter video

Mr Watkinson, who performed a mocking dance, added: "How about sorry for trying to mess up my work? How about that? Do you know how hard it is to broadcast live to half a million people?

"Do you know how hard it is to concentrate? It's quite hard without someone in the background going 'ooooh I want to be on TV'."

ITV has been contacted for comment.

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