200 head to Wolverhampton nightclub at midnight on Freedom Day

A Wolverhampton nightclub owner believes that this coming Saturday night could be a testing point on whether things are actually beginning to return to normality after closures because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Shaun Keasey, owner of Gorgeous nightclub
Shaun Keasey, owner of Gorgeous nightclub

Shaun Keasey, aged 51, from Dudley, decided to open the Gorgeous Nightclub in Wolverhampton on Sunday night as soon as Government restrictions were finally lifted.

About 200 revellers passed through the doors to take the opportunity of enjoying the music played by the resident DJ James Levett and taking to the dance floor once again.

Normally the club has a capacity of 650 people and from now on, barring any further restrictions, will be opening from Thursdays to Saturday nights.

Shaun said: "Sunday night was a good night and I think about 200 people came to the club.

"This number was far more than we were expecting.

"We did not expect the numbers like Manchester and London as they have a huge student population and obviously get the numbers through the doors.

"We did better than expected and I think there are a lot of people who are waiting to see what is happening.

"However, there are a lot of media pundits and scientists popping up who are getting their five minutes of fame and who seem to be wanting things to continue.

"I think we have to get back to normal, and Thursday and Friday should draw people into the club.

"I do feel that it will be Saturday night when people really start going out and the city centre of Wolverhampton gets hit and people take advantage of the restrictions finally being lifted.

"The club has all been redecorated and we have had new lighting and seating installed through a refurbishment project costing thousands of pounds.

"As a nightclub we have a unique atmosphere that cannot be emulated by pubs and bars."

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