Readers give mixed reactions to lockdown easing delays

Express & Star readers have given mixed reactions to plans lockdown easing will be delayed by four weeks.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Prime Minister Boris Johnson

It comes amid the emergence of the Delta variant of Covid-19 in the UK, formerly known as the Indian variant.

Some readers disagreed with the Prime Minister's plans to delay lockdown, while others backed the move in helping the UK battle coronavirus.

Reacting on the Express & Star's Facebook page, Anthony Smith said: "He is perfectly right to do this, save lives and protect the NHS. I'm sure we can wait another four weeks. I would rather that than have another lockdown."

Bianca Namutulo said: "All because Boris once again took far too long to close the border to India and now a fourth wave is on its way, which could have been avoided and June 21 would be going ahead."

Oleh Krawec said: "If the borders into the UK hadn’t been a free-for-all then Boris may have been able to keep his promise.

"Wait for September we are more than likely going into another lockdown."

Robert Dean Payton said: "Well if it stops another big spike in infections then it's the right decision, plus it gives more time to get vaccinations out."

Natalie Cannell said: "People will just stop listening, enough is enough."

Sunny Kazz said: "Sick of it so let us free."

Meanwhile, on the Shropshire Star Facebook page, Sue Renshaw said: "Unless I see compelling facts and figures to prove the need for a four week delay, then no, it's not the right decision in my opinion.

"Many people are already ignoring the guidance, and this will only increase if there is a delay.

"Just continue with the mask wearing and responsible social distancing where possible, but go ahead with the original plan to end restrictions."

Jules Harris said: "After not closing our borders, and allowing the Indian variant in, and then mingling at the G7 without masks, it reeks of hypocrisy."

Kellie Larner-Hart added: "Yes the right decision. Cases are rising rapidly, I don’t want to have to go back to a lockdown situation and go backwards. Delay and keep all the steps that are already in place."

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