Happy, proud, reassured: Young Black Country folk delighted to be getting jabbed

"I think it's been great to see so many people getting vaccinated as it's another step out of this pandemic."

Zen Hussain gets ready to administer a vaccination dose
Zen Hussain gets ready to administer a vaccination dose

The roll-out of the coronavirus vaccination over the last six months has seen millions of people across the country get at least one vaccination jab.

These jabs have been administered at vaccinations centres across the country, with sports centres, religious buildings, community centres and shopping centres among those hosting centres.

Tipton Sports Academy is one of many centres in the region which has welcomed people of all ages to get either the Pfizer or the AstraZeneca vaccine.

A steady stream of people have been coming into the sports hall since the vaccination centre opened in February, with more than 34,000 people receiving a vaccination jab.

For those getting their vaccination, they have been looking at the positives of getting it done and being able to get back to a semblance of normality.

Teresa Gantley, who lives in Stourport, but works nearby, was getting her second AstraZeneca jab and said that while she had felt poorly following her first jab, she was happy to do it.

Teresa Gantley gets her second AstraZeneca jab, which she said she hoped was a step back to normal

The 50-year-old said: "I'm a bit nervous because the first one did make me feel bad, with aching and a headache, but once it's done, I'll get past the worst of it.

"I do feel better about it because I know I'll be more protected and I think the vaccination programme has been absolutely brilliant and we're privileged to get it so quickly.

"It's going to help us get our lives back and I'm looking forward to not wearing a mask again and being able to go and see live music and go back on holidays abroad."

Sophie Hessler from Wolverhampton was also at the centre to get her second AstraZeneca jab and the 24-year-old said she would rather go through any side-effects than catching Covid.

Sophie Hessler is given the vaccine by Zen Hussain

She said: "I'm feeling pretty good about today and I'm just glad I don't have to worry about it once I get the second jab done.

"The side-effects are what they are and it's better a sore arm or a headache as that is preferable to getting seriously ill from Covid.

"I think the programme has been really good in how quickly it has been rolled out and I know a lot of people who weren't sure before, but are more likely to go out and get it now.

"While I'm kind of used to wearing masks now, I think the vaccine will make it easier to go out and see friends, so I'm glad this is happening as quickly as it is."

Louise Lacey from Wednesbury was getting her second AstraZeneca jab and the 34-year-old said it was another step back to normality.

Louise Lacey said protecting herself and her family was the main reason for getting her jabs

She said: "I think this is something which is always going to be around, so as long as I am able to protect myself and my family, then I'm happy to get this done.

"I think the vaccination programme has been fantastic for the way it's been deployed and the number of people who have had at least one jab.

"This place is really good in the way it has welcomed people and I can't fault them for anything they've done."

Sunny Johal works at the centre as the prescribing pharmacist on site and the 32-year-old said he felt proud of the work done over the last six months with the vaccination programme.

Prescribing pharmacist Sunny Johal said he was proud of the work done over the last six months

He said: "I think it's been a great response from everyone in the face of the virus and the fact that so much has been done in half a year is fantastic.

"We are still learning every day about the vaccine and what support is needed to help us collectively get rid of this problem, but it's been a great response in the face of the virus.

"We will see next week how much more needs to be done if we don't got completely out of lockdown, but this has been good to tackle a worldwide issue as we are not designed to live like this."

Sophie Bentley had been to get her second AstraZeneca jab and the 21-year-old said that she had been looked after by the staff, who were aware of her mental health and anxiety issues.

Sophie Bentley had been to the centre with her grandmother Julie Bentley and said the staff had helped put her at ease

She said: "When I had my first one done, I was really ill with my mental health, but they were so supportive and helped me through it, and it was the same today.

"I think it's been a success as you see how many people have had the vaccine and I've seen so many people in the hall queuing up to get their vaccination done.

"I don't know what normal will be going forward, but if it means that I can enjoy my life, see my friends and go on holiday without worrying about my grandmother, then I'm glad to have got my jab."

Gary Gardner from Tividale had been to get his second Pfizer jab and the 68-year-old praised the programme, saying the figures showed how well it was working.

Gary Gardner said the vaccination programme was a success because the figures proved it

He said: "You only have to look at the figures to see how good this programme is because of the number of people getting jabbed.

"The centre here is absolutely brilliant as it's lovely and clean and a big open space and I think the staff here have been doing a great job.

"We'll be wearing masks for a while, but the vaccinations are another step back towards normal life and not being in lockdown."

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