Wolverhampton shoppers back the nurses but worry about future of NHS

Wolverhampton shoppers who braved a bitterly cold morning were clear in their support for the NHS but were worried about its future.

Margaret Morris, 78, and her son Carl, 57, from Wolverhampton
Margaret Morris, 78, and her son Carl, 57, from Wolverhampton

Everyone the Express & Star spoke to voiced their support for striking nurses who are in a pay dispute with the Government.

Margaret Morris, 78, from Fallings Park was really positive about the NHS.

She said: "I've got nothing but good things to say about the NHS. My doctors are brilliant, they all know me down there. It is a real family surgery, they are great with me and my son Carl.

"I had to go to hospital the other week, New Cross, and everyone there was really wonderful. I did not have to wait very long either. I have been using the NHS for so many years, I don't know what I would do without it.

"But they need to give the nurses what they want, they do incredible work and should be paid properly."

Margaret's son Carl, aged 57, from Whitmore Reans, said: "My doctor's surgery is great, they take great care of me and know me well. I love the NHS."

Samantha Sanders, 38, from Eastside, was recently forced to wait at A&E for a huge amount of time.

She said: "I went up New Cross Hospital and was forced to wait 12 hours, and then when it was my turn someone pushed in front of me, I could not believe it.

"Imagine waiting that long for anything, I could see everyone was rushed off their feet but it hasn't always been like this has it?

"I don't want to say anything bad about the nurses, but something needs to be done to improve the service which seems to be awful everywhere at the moment."

Gideon Garth, from Codsall, does not want the NHS privatised

Gideon Garth, 60, from Codsall, is worried about the future of the NHS.

"I am a diabetic, Type 1 and the NHS has saved my life many times. The work they all do is wonderful. However, the private sector and even American banks seem to be getting their claws into our NHS.

"Our taxpayers' cash is paying for the interest rates set by Americans for councils and the NHS to borrow money. I would hate to see the NHS privatised, it would be awful."

Dawn Beasley, 45, from Goldthorn Park

Mother Dawn Beasley, aged 45, from Goldthorn Park, was very impressed with the NHS during recent treatment.

She said: "I had a problem with my eye and went to the A34 referral unit next to eye infirmary. They were fantastic, I had to wait two hours but that is totally understandable. They had me in surgery and fixed within a day. They asked me to do a survey afterwards and I filled it in saying they were great.

"I could not fault them, I went with a problem and I had to wait like everyone else, but they got me in for an emergency procedure in theatre, got me sorted. They sent me on the way with some tablets and gave me an appointment for the next day and then the next Friday, they got me sorted.

"I understand people are having to wait longer but that is just part of it sometimes, everything cannot be perfect it, can it?"

Jess Sherry, 31, from Perton

Jess Sherry, 31, from Perton, has been so moved by the plight of nurses she has recorded a fundraising song.

"I've written a song about the NHS, it is really upsetting how nurses are getting abuse when they do such wonderful things.

"I've used the NHS a lot in the past, its crucial. We all need to be appreciative of the NHS in our lives. And all the hard working men and women who keep it going everyday."

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