'A real slap in the face!' Pensioner furious his pension only went up by 25p on 80th birthday

Frank Bullock was looking forward to the rise in his pension to mark his 80th birthday.

Frank Bullock a pensioner from Kingswinford is only getting a 25p raise
Frank Bullock a pensioner from Kingswinford is only getting a 25p raise

With food prices and energy bills increasing Frank hoped the pension rise would help him get through the winter until he realised it was a meagre 25p extra a week.

The Kingswinford pensioner told the Express and Star: "25p a week feels like a real slap in the face.

"Why even bother? It will cost more in administrative fees telling me about the 25p increase than I will get over the next few years! I phoned the Department of Work and Pensions up and asked them what was the point of giving me an increase of 25p?

"And the biggest joke is, I've got to pay tax on that 25p, what a massive waste of time for everyone involved."

He added: "When I spoke to my mate, who was 80 last year, he said he only got 26p, we had a laugh about it."

Frank, who retired from his own roofing business 20 years ago, has always been careful with his money but is "dreading" the winter due to the cost of living crisis.

He said: "I suffer from a kidney disease and one of the symptoms is that I really feel the cold so I can't be one of those people who do not turn on their central heating, I will need to stay warm.

"If everything stays the same then I should be able to get through it, but if bills start rising like people have been saying then I will have problems.

"People are talking about electricity going up to £8,000 a year, well there is no way I can afford that, how can anyone afford those prices."

Frank always used to donate to local food banks when he was out shopping but he has had to stop giving to others so he can concentrate on looking after himself.

He said: "When I was in Morrisons I was shocked, everything was so expensive. I used to be able to get four cans of beans for £1.20 but now they are above £2.50.

"Even corned beef is expensive now, a small tin has gone up to past £4, I've never seen it so expensive."

He added: "I've always donated items to the food banks and donated money to various charities but sadly I just cannot afford to anymore, I have to try and keep myself above float, and 25p every week is not going to help." Food banks across the Black Country are running out out of stocks due to massive demand and a reduced supply as people like Frank cut back on donating.

The Express and Star Feed a Family campaign aims to ensure no-one goes without food in these tough times.

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