9 Reasons Go 8 Bit is funnier than watching your mate play FIFA

Sponsored Content: Series 1 of the show, built around watching celebrities play video games, became essential viewing for those looking for a bit of a laugh

Where else will you see Jason Manford fiercely battling Ed Byrne at FIFA 16? Or Russell Howard getting annihilated by Rachel Riley on Street Fighter II?

Go 8 Bit is packed with top celebs, expert gaming knowledge and hilarious twists.

Go 8 Bit is packed with top celebs

1. Some of the star-players are hilariously bad

Take funnyman Jason Manford, who turned out to be so awful at playing FIFA in the last series of Go 8 Bit, that 91% of Mirror readers said they were confident they could beat him and he wasn't even the worst.

2. It’s got Dara Ó Briain on board

Of all the times you’ve been dragged around a drizzly Tesco car park so your mate can get his Pokémon fix, not once has he had the decency to invite along an award-winning comedian to keep you entertained along the way.

Luckily for fans of Go 8 Bit, Dara is on hand to dish out the wisecracks as contestants get to grips with their gear-sticks so you're guaranteed a good dose of comedy as well as video games.

Richard Osman and Dara O Briain star in episode 1 of series 2 of Go 8 Bit

3. Go 8 Bit has the best opening credits on telly

Probably, at least. Watching other people play games is made about 76% more entertaining by the inclusion of Go 8 Bit’s nifty 8-bit theme music throughout.

Its 34 second opening video is a pixelated masterpiece specially created for Go 8 Bit.

4. It’s full of nice little nuggets of info

We all love that mate who’s full of useless knowledge – the kind you’ll drag along to the pub quiz. Go 8 Bit’s version is gaming guru and comedian Ellie Gibson, who brings razor-sharp wit and top-notch trivia to the proceedings. Now you don’t get that sat watching your mate play FIFA on his smelly single bed.

Gaming guru Ellie Gibson

5. The star guests are all awesome

They’re funny, too! If you’ve always been a bit baffled by why millions of people tune into YouTube to watch people you’ve never heard of play video games, Go 8 Bit will be the perfect antidote for you.

With stars like Sara Cox, Vernon Kay and Liza Tarbuck taking the joystick, you’ll see a very different, and silly, side to some well-known celebs.

Star guests taking part

6. It really takes the mick out of gaming

Gamers have a bit of a reputation for taking themselves very seriously, so it’s refreshing to see Go 8 Bit showing off the silly, absurd side to it all.

When you get someone like Peep Show star Robert Webb on board, you know that you’re in for a brilliantly daft time. Go 8 Bit is a celebration of video games, but definitely the fun side of them.

7. It might just inspire your own daft fun

Some of the most hilarious moments on Go 8 Bit is when classic arcade games are brought to life

So next time you have mates over for a few drinks and they suggest cracking out a games console, you might just be inspired to play a spot of blindfolded Tetris, of human Bubble Bobble!

8. The show’s creators are loveable nerds

Go 8 Bit was the twisted brainchild of comedians Steve McNeil and Sam Pamphilon, who created the show a few years ago for Edinburgh Festival with all kind of weird and wonderful tasks. It’s since evolved and been tweaked for TV, but Steve and Sam have stayed on as team captains, and very funny ones at that.

Team Captains getting hands on

9. Go 8 Bit’s new contestants are...

Dara O Briain, Steve McNeil, Sam Pamphilon and gaming expert Ellie Gibson continue with the all-new second series - which starts tonight at 10pm.

Each episode will see Dara preside over five rounds of computer gaming-inspired mayhem as two celebrity guests reveal their competitive natures and whether they're secretly brilliant players, fast learners, or incredibly sore losers.

Go 8 bit series 2 starts tonight, Monday, May 15, on Dave. Or catch up with UKTVPlay

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