How Wolverhampton special school won top prize in our Cash For Schools competition and built a new sensory room

A special school in Wolverhampton won the top prize in our Cash For Schools competition and has used the money to create a new sensory room.

Broadmeadow won last year and spent money on a sensory room.
Broadmeadow won last year and spent money on a sensory room.

Broadmeadow Special School was presented with £5,000 after collecting the most tokens per pupil in our popular competition. The cash has gone towards providing pupils with a modern and fresh sensory room filled with items and equipment that the children can use every day.

Assistant headteacher Dawn Beamer said they were keen to develop and refurbish the outdated sensory room. “We already had some funds, but it wasn’t enough to get started on the sensory room, which is an invaluable resource and used every day by the children,” she said.

“Thanks to money from the Cash For Schools competition we’ve been able to create an environment which incorporates music, visual effects and tactile equipment. The children love the effects the room creates, which give them colours and patterns so they can feel like they’re under the sea one minute and walking in space the next.”

Dawn said the new sensory room can be used by individuals or groups and helps promote communication and encourages the children to make choices.

“We were absolutely amazed when we found out we’d won as we are such a small school with just 75 pupils,” said Dawn. “Everyone was so excited and we were delighted to be presented with the top prize.”

Martin Wright, editor-in-chief at the Express & Star said it was great to hear that the Cash For Schools money was spent on a sensory room. “Sensory rooms are a fantastic resource and we know they provide a quiet and therapeutic environment for children with special educational needs. We were so pleased to hear how the Cash For Schools money had been spent at Broadmeadow Special School and we are sure it will be enjoyed by the children for many years to come.

“Schools are always looking for ways to raise money to help give the children extra experiences and to make their time at school more enjoyable. We are pleased that our competition has been able to give so many schools the extra boost they need.

“Cash For Schools has been popular with a range of different schools and we have seen how families, friends and residents have come together to support their local school. Also, the prizes are awarded based on the schools that have collected the most tokens per pupil with smaller schools having the same chance as larger ones. So, every school has a chance of winning in our Cash For Schools competition.”

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