Lie-ins are over but students happy to be back in the classroom

The return to school for many pupils after more than a year of disruption has been a cautious, but exciting time.

Eryn MaCaulay, Frankie Greenough, Headteacher Sukhjot Dham, Phoebe Baggott, Helen Lewis and Will Fellows enjoy a return back to normality at Beacon Hill Academy, Sedgley
Eryn MaCaulay, Frankie Greenough, Headteacher Sukhjot Dham, Phoebe Baggott, Helen Lewis and Will Fellows enjoy a return back to normality at Beacon Hill Academy, Sedgley

Schools across the region were able to open their doors to welcome back pupils at the beginning of September, allowing pupils to return to in-person teaching without Covid restrictions being in place.

For Year 11 pupils at Beacon Hill Academy in Sedgley, the return to school after a year of disruption, home learning and uncertainty has been a welcome one, as has the news of 12 to 15-year-olds being able to get a vaccination.

Student president Frankie Greenough said that while she had enjoyed her lie-ins while learning from home, she was happy to back in a scheduled routine.

The 15-year-old said: "I'm really happy to be back in school and I wouldn't say I'm worried too much about Covid as we've still got our masks on and the teachers are keeping social distancing and being cautious.

"There was a slight fear before coming back as we've all being enjoying the lifting of lockdown and being able to go out, so I didn't want to come back here and have cases rise to mean we've got to go back into lockdown.

Frankie Greenough said she was pleased to be back in a structured environment

"I'm feeling confident about the months ahead and although I'm a bit frightened of the good and bad stories about the vaccine, I'm still going to get it to keep my family and friends safe and being able doing what I want to do."

Student vice-president Eryn Macaulay also said she was pleased to be back and was more nervous about the year ahead with her results than any fears about Covid.

The 15-year-old said: "I was glad to back, although I'm very nervous about it being my last year, so I have a lot to focus on with exams, so it's going to be fairly stressful.

"Covid obviously hasn't gone away, but I feel glad to know my teachers have had at least one jab and while it could get busy in the corridors, as long as we've got masks on, I feel fine.

"The school has done a lot to make us feel safe, such as bottles of hand sanitiser in the classrooms and our teachers wearing masks.

Eryn MaCaulay said she was more nervous about taking her exams than she was about Covid

"I'm looking forward to getting the vaccine as well as while I know a lot of people are reluctant, but I feel like it's an important thing to get done to keep my friends and family safe, so I do want to get it done soon."

Phoebe Baggott, who is also a student vice-president, said being back in school was good for her as she felt distance learning didn't give her the proper time with teachers.

The 15-year-old said: "I'm feeling really happy to be back and feel safe, with staggered break times and lunchtimes and hand sanitiser in the classrooms, as well as wearing masks in the classroom.

"It's working out well for us as we've had less cases than other schools around the area and I prefer being here to learning from home.

Pheobe Baggott said she was pleased to be back in lessons as she preferred that to digital learning

"I'm also really happy about getting the chance to get a vaccination jab as I think to keep everyone safe, I want to have it and I think the majority of people should have it."

Student president Will Fellows said he had enjoyed learning from home, but was getting used to being back at school after so long away.

The 15-year-old said: "I feel a lot more confident to be back now and while I'd found Teams to be a good learning tool, it's good to be back here with face-to-face teaching for my GCSEs.

Will Fellows said he was getting used to being back at school after so long away

"I think the school's done everything it can to help us feel safe as they've provided hand sanitiser, staggered break times and we've been able to keep away from other year groups, so I feel safe.

"It's good to back in a routine after so long away and better to back in school in a clean environment, so it's a better way of learning.

"With the vaccine, I think we need to trust the NHS and the government and if it means there's a way for me to help older family members, I'll gladly have the vaccine."

Helen Lewis said she had already booked her first vaccination jab appointment

Student vice-president Helen Lewis said she was excited to be back as she had struggled with online learning and was happier to be back in proper lessons.

The 16-year-old said: "I'm personally very happy to be back and while I was worried about more vulnerable people, the school has done all it can to make us feel safe.

"The teachers are on top of it as well, wearing masks and reminding us to socially distance, plus we have regular updates about what's happening at school, so it's all well planned.

"I've already booked my first appointment to get vaccinated, so I'm really excited to get jabbed and help protect my family and those who I care about around me."

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