RSA Academy trainer row: Here's what you had to say on the great school shoe debate

By Jack Averty | Tipton | Education | Published:

Was one of the Black Country's biggest schools right to send children home for wearing the wrong shoes? Express & Star readers have had plenty to say since RSA Academy sent dozens of children home on the first day of school for incorrect footwear.

A pair of trainers that caused one youngster to get sent home from RSA Academy, pictured

Principal Daulton Redmond said the Tipton school's students were 'expected to wear the correct uniform in order to maintain the highest of standards'.

A letter had been sent out to parents during the summer holidays making clear that students must wear formal, polishable shoes.

But on the first day of term last week, dozens of students at the 900-place academy were turned away over their footwear.

Scores of people commented on our article, and in our poll, 60% agreed that schools are right to send pupils home who have incorrect uniform.

Here's what you had to say:

Obey the rules

Stephen Edwards: "Six WEEKS parents have had to get the correct items. If they can't be arsed or are too busy to take a day out to do it, then maybe they shouldn't have kids. They're not being asked to explain rocket science now are they."

Claire Tarling: "Same every year, follow the rules and they won't get sent home. Kids get sent home for not following the rules. I could understand if it was to do with finances but it rarely is, it's because parents won't make their precious darlings do something they don't want to. My kids had their school shoes from Asda ( they are 11 and 14 ), nice ones but correct school shoes. It's not that hard to follow the rules is it?"


Colin Peplow: "Parents need to realise the difference between shoes and trainers, then there would be no problems."

Toya Suárez: "Good! Just buy school shoes. For those that say "how do trainers affect learning", they don't, but the child needs to respect rules and comply. Discipline is a good thing and these days a lot of kids are more bothered about the right trainers than their learning and their futures."

Jane Holyhead: "Same story every September. Rules are rules and trainers are not smart. Would you be allowed to wear them to work in an office or supermarket?? I think not."

Stop being so strict


Kelly Thackery: "How does trainers stop a child from learning. Totally stupid. Glad there isn't this rule at my kids school they are allowed to wear black trainers and they still look really smart. Also hair colour or hair cuts does not stop the ability of a child learning. It's about time schools stopped being so strict and over powering and concentrate more on eduction than a item of clothing. I can see why more parents are home schooling their kids."

Patricia Byrne: "This is so wrong, what if the parents can only afford the shoes the child's wearing. What the hell have shoes got to do with education. What about single parents they can't afford expensive shoes especially if they have more than one child."

Stacey Horton: "Pathetic! How the hell do a pair of shoes or trainers change the way they learn! Yes we know they all want to look smart but sending them home that's just ridiculous!"

Sarah Walker: "I think there's more important things to life than a shoe! Our children are encouraged to be individuals, and then at school have to conform like robots. Get the education in them. Isolation is disgusting for wrong uniform. Surely this just as disruptive for the teacher meant to be teaching the child?? Then have to recap and get the child to catch up? Sort it out schools. There wasn't this issue 20 years ago when I was in high school and didn't make an impact on anything!"

Kerryanne Westwood: "Surely a school is about education... and not how the child is dressed! More and more families have had cuts in income and yet outgoings are more higher, perhaps some parents can't afford to budget school shoes after the cost of the expensive uniforms and PE kits!"

Jack Averty

By Jack Averty
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