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'They’re sick in the head' – Shock and dismay at 'campaign of terror' on Walsall estate

People have reacted with shock and dismay over revelations yobs ripped a live pigeon apart as part of a campaign of terror on a Walsall estate.

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Houses in Dawson Street, Blakenall, which have become a dumping ground. PIC: Councillor Pete Smith

Calls were made to bring back the cane in schools and for firmer discipline at home after it emerged a gang of youths – some as young as 10 – were wreaking havoc in parts of Blakenall.

It was revealed how a string of incidents had left the community reeling and calling for urgent action to be taken.

Some of the worst offences include a live pigeon being ripped apart outside shops in Blakenall centre, an alleged arson attack driving a family from their home and a delivery driver suffering eye damage after being hit by a bottle.

Shops are regularly pelted with eggs and stones, shopkeepers abused and taxis and buses attacked on a regular basis. Some houses in Dawson Street were even likened to war-torn Ukraine because of the state they are in.

Police, along with the council and Walsall Housing Group (whg), said they are aware of incidents and were stepping up patrols and using dispersal orders to stop the incidents.

A social media commenter added: “Who rips an animal apart? Why would anyone do that to a harmless animal?”

Another person said: “This is just cruelty, not a result of growing up in a benefits paid for house. It would be expected of an animal not a human."

There were calls for stricter discipline at both home and in schools with calls to take action against parents too.

One said: “The problem is there is no discipline any more at home or schools and, because they’re from a council estate it doesn’t mean they can rip a pigeon apart. That’s animal abuse – they’re sick in the head.”

Another said: “Maybe find out whom the parents are and hit them in the pocket, with the biggest fines possible. Failing that – lock up the parents!”

But some people said there were other issues at play which caused the offenders to behave in the way they do and called for different ways of dealing with the problems.

One said: “People need education on how to live. These poor kids as, really, they’re growing up in a neglected household.”

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