Murder victim injured within 10 minutes of arriving at Black Country flat, jury told

A man who died five days after he was severely beaten at a flat suffered his fatal injuries within 10 minutes of arriving at his friend’s home in Oldbury, a court heard.

Amjad Khan. Picture: West Midlands Police
Amjad Khan. Picture: West Midlands Police

Amjad Khan suffered injuries to his head at Lisa Sehra’s property in Yardley Close, Bristnall Fields, just before 1am, on June 8 last year.

The 32-year-old was subject to the beating by Derek Brennan and Daman Sehra, the brother and son of Ms Sehra, prosecutor Mr Andrew Smith QC said.

Mr Khan had called Ms Sehra telling her he would be visiting her shortly, after he visited his mother in Handsworth at around 11.55pm on July 7, a jury was told.

The beating took place as the two defendants – Brennan and Sehra – had made their way to the address after attacking a 15-year-old boy earlier the same day, Mr Smith said.

The pair, who were let into the Oldbury property, were heard shouting “I love you” and “you’re dead”, according to a neighbour, Wolverhampton Crown Court heard.

The victim had arrived at the property via a taxi at around 12.25am but didn’t have the correct fare, meaning he had to return to his property before returning at 12.41am, the prosecutor said.

Mr Khan was let into the property by Ms Sehra at 12.41am, the court heard, and went upstairs into the lounge where he met the two defendants and tried to shake their hands, but they refused.

Brennan approached him from behind and put his arms around the 32-year-old’s neck area, before Ms Sehra intervened – leading Daman Sehra to punch Mr Khan, Mr Smith said.

The impact caused the victim to fall where he was then kicked and stamped on repeatedly. There was a slight pause in the attack before it continued, the prosecution claimed.

Mr Khan was later hit by a yellow plastic toy and a glass Stella Artois bottle as Ms Sehra left to call the police at around 12.47am, minutes before the defendants left, the court was told.

Both Brennan and Daman Sehra, aged 32 and 22, climbed out of the window and onto the roof to leave at 12.50am, less than 10 minutes after Khan arrived, a judge heard.

Police arrived shortly before 1am and found the victim lying on the floor in cardiac arrest.

His heart was restarted 10 minutes later, but he remained unable to breathe on his own.

Mr Khan was taken to Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital but his cardiac arrest had led to a brain injury he could not recover from and he died on June 13 – five days after the alleged attack.

Examinations of Mr Khan’s body found he had suffered two lacerations to his head, a fractured left eye socket, had his nasal bone fractured and the inner lining of his mouth was lacerated.

The defendants, who stopped by Asda in Oldbury to pick up bottles of alcohol in the aftermath, had allegedly said Mr Khan had been "forcing" drugs onto Ms Sehra – specifically crack cocaine and heroin – a judge heard.

Sehra, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the ground of diminished responsibility, as well as a charge of assault by actual bodily harm, but denies murder.

He has also been charged with attempting to cause grievous bodily harm with intent, which he denies.

Brennan, of Halesowen Road, Netherton, pleaded not guilty to murder, manslaughter, grievous bodily harm and actual bodily harm. The trial continues.

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