Los idiotas: Anger as Burntwood tourists deface Tenerife viewing platform

Staffordshire tourists have made themselves known in the sunny Spanish island of Tenerife – but for all the wrong reasons.

Graffiti at a viewing platform at Los Gigantes in Tenerife
Graffiti at a viewing platform at Los Gigantes in Tenerife

A disgruntled resident of Los Gigantes, a resort town in Santiago del Teide known for its rock formations, has called out "idiots" from Burntwood who decided to spray paint their postcode on a picturesque viewing platform.

It appears the vandals were from the WS7 area

The British ex-pat said: "I currently reside in Los Gigantes – on one of my recent walks around the shoreline, I visited a viewing platform – a beautiful view which is visited daily by hundreds of tourists.

"As a Brit who resides in Los Gigantes for the majority of the year, I appreciate how proud the Spanish are of Los Gigantes, working 24/7 in maintaining its beauty, collecting bins, sweeping, cleaning roads and more – mainly overnight to ensure the village is pristine for tourists each morning.

The glass was also cracked
More of the damage

"But sadly tourists from Burntwood (WS7) decided to put themselves on the map, for all the wrong reasons."

The images from the unnamed resident show large, white-painted letters roughly sprayed onto the floor and glass of the viewing platform.

He added: "Whoever decided to leave their mark had pre-meditated this action, to buy the spray paint locally – as I doubt they arrived in Tenerife with it.

"The reinforced glass has also been vandalised – I cannot associate this with the idiots from Burntwood, but by association I would think it’s a fair bet.

The vandals sprayed 'Burntwood' onto the floor

"Personally, I wish police would take action to make these vandals known, at the very least name and shame.

"Hope they enjoyed their holiday but please don't come back, neither the Spanish or Brits living here need these sort of tourists."

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