Keyless Ford Fiestas being targeted in Black Country

By Jordan Reynolds | Wolverhampton | Crime | Published:

A total of 30 Ford Fiestas have been stolen in Walsall and Wolverhampton since July 1.

West Midlands Police said that the keyless cars have been taken using a key decoder device.

A spokesman for the force said: "I am aware that i have spoken about this before but i would just like to press the message forward again.

"From July 1 2019 to date in the Walsall/Wolverhampton area we have had 30 recorded Ford Fiesta keyless model vehicles stolen.

"It would appear that a key decoder device is being used to obtain entry and start the vehicle allowing them to steal it.

"It is amazing to think that with all the technology that has gone into motor vehicles that they can still be easily stolen.

"One of the methods which could potentially stop them in their tracks/make them think twice/deter them is the good old fashioned way of fitting a device around the steering wheel.

"Disklok is an effective full cover steering wheel security lock for cars and light commercial vehicles. Its ability to spin on the wheel when attacked, preventing steering and damage to the vehicle's own steering wheel lock.

"You can look on Youtube to see how effective fitting one of these devices can be.

"For those who are on WMNOW their is a discount code which you can enter at the checkout welcomelock15."

Jordan Reynolds

By Jordan Reynolds
Reporter - @jreynolds_star

Senior reporter at the Express & Star.

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