Wolverhampton murder: Police yet to identify suspect after death of Sarbjit Kaur

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Detectives hunting for the killer who murdered a woman in her home have no suspects in the frame.

Sarbjit Kaur

Chief Superintendent of Wolverhampton Police Jayne Meir confirmed officers are unsure who is responsible for the attack which saw Sarbjit Kaur killed in her Goldthorn Hill home.

It comes as West Midlands Police announced it had drafted in extra officers to bolster the investigation into the 38-year-old's death.

WATCH: Police update on Wolverhampton murder probe

Sarbjit Kaur: West Midlands Police statement on Wolverhampton murder probe

Speaking to the Express & Star, Chief Supt Meir said the force still do not have a description of possible suspects to issue to the public and are unsure if Mrs Kaur was targeted.

Sarbjit Kaur was found at her home in Rookery Lane, Goldthorn Hill

She added: "At this stage, we are keeping an open mind in relation to the attack but we don't know whether there is one person responsible or a number.

"We are not ruling out the possibility that this was a burglary, but we don't know whether this address has been randomly targeted or whether there's been a motive to target either Mrs Kaur or the address itself.


"This is a very unusual attack and we need to follow every line of enquiry that we can."

Family members found Mrs Kaur at the Rookery Lane property at 4pm on Friday but police believe she may have died several hours before her body was discovered.

The victim was attacked but results from a post-mortem examination were inconclusive, with further tests now needed.

There have been about 150 burglaries across the city this year but none have seen homeowners seriously attacked, the force said.


Sarbjit Kaur died last week

Chief Supt Meir said: "Whilst we can't rule out that it's a burglary, we are reviewing all of the burglaries that have occurred this year, looking to see if there are any opportunities or leads that might assist us in investigating this serious crime.

"It's not unusual for burglaries to take place in daylight hours when people are at work. Obviously, they also happen in the hours of darkness.

"But actually, for this level of violence to occur, that's very unusual. So therefore, we have got to keep an open mind on the motive for this particular attack.

"Because we don't know at this stage who is responsible, we are having to do extensive enquiries, forensic work at the scene, very broad CCTV work and also work to engage with the public to find out what they may or may not have seen in the area at the time, and that just requires a number of officers."

Sarbjit Kaur was found at her home in Rookery Lane, Goldthorn Hill

The two-storey home, which was 'left untidy', remains sealed off as forensic experts scour the scene for vital evidence.

Detectives believe jewellery was taken from the house and are now working with the grieving family to point out what is missing.

Officers have also increased patrols in the area, speaking to members of the public and offering reassurance.

Chief Insp Meir said: "I can understand that the community would be concerned and we are working very hard to establish the motive for the attack and the persons responsible.

"We are asking the community to make sure they protect themselves in relation to taking basic crime prevention measures, making sure their doors and windows are locked, that they are keeping vigilant and that they report anything suspicious.

"I would like the public to come forward if they've got any information, whether they saw anything on Friday afternoon, no matter how small it might have been, get in touch with us."

Annabal Bagdi

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