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Attempted murder, rape and fraud: It's West Midlands Police's 'most wanted' suspects

These are some of the most wanted men and women in the West Midlands who are suspected of committing terrifying crimes including rape and attempted murder.


They are alleged to be dangerous criminals and feature on West Midlands Police's most wanted list, with detectives eager to ensure they are caught they have turned to the public for help.

They feature in a rogues' gallery, a sort of online version of Crimewatch which has been compiled on the force's website, and are believed to be responsible for crimes ranging from theft to attempted murder.

Their faces stare out from the gallery, with brief information about the crime they are wanted for provided underneath their mugshot.

They are believed to be in the West Midlands and police are desperate to catch up with them as soon as possible.

Fasal Hussain and Luke Anderson are both wanted for attempted murder with police chiefs now urgently requiring information about their whereabouts.

Hussain is thought to have been involved in large-scale disorder in Sparkbrook, Birmingham, in July 2014 in which father-of-four Ikram Ullah Khan died. Anderson has been at large for 15 years and is being sought in connection with the near fatal attack on Dr Khurshid Naqvi outside the front door of the Falcon Hotel in Coventry in March 2001.

Neville Embarde is wanted over a rape which happened in Wolverhampton. Aftab Hussain and Elias Abraham are both also suspected of rape, in Birmingham and Coventry respectively.

Eric Fletcher is being hunted after failing to appear for a court hearing over historical child sex offences.

Others who are wanted for violent offences, include Mahad Aden who police say is responsible for wounding and Ben Locker who is suspected

of carrying out a robbery in Birmingham.

Also on the list is Aaron Anderson who was released from prison on licence after being convicted of robbery but has now breached the conditions of his licence after failing to stay at a designated address.

Two others on the list are Mosiah Nemiah Blake and Jermained Augustus Maylor who are believed to be involved in the supply of drugs.

It is not just men who feature on the list. Maria Stoian and Nadia Miclescu are wanted for a robbery in Birmingham. And police have been wanting to catch Richard Burrows for so long they have had to mock up an image of what he might look like now.

He is wanted for an assault that took place in Walsall between 1994 and 1995.

Anyone who has information about any of the men and women pictured is asked to call West Midlands Police on 101 and quote the number that appears below each picture.

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