Husky off the lead killed three sheep

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A dog owner has been ordered to pay more than £2,500 after his pet husky killed three sheep on a farm.

Ian Passmore was out walking his two Siberian huskies near Himley Hall in Dudley when one of the pets called Gambit, which was not on a lead, ran off.

The dog ran into fields at Park Farm where more than 1,000 sheep grazed, Cannock Magistrates Court heard yesterday.

It chased and singled out the sheep on January 14, killing two. A third died later on from its injuries. The animals were valued at £80 each by the farmer.

Mrs Sara Beddow, prosecuting, told the court: "Mr Passmore was walking the two dogs. "One of the husky dogs was on a leash and the other was not and he disappeared over the bank.

"The dog began chasing and singling out sheep while Mr Passmore was searching for him.

"He stepped into the field and called his name and searched for him but he was unable to find him after 20 minutes."

She added: "He said the fence was down and had been for some years but when he stepped into the field he could see the dog's tail darting up around the sheep.

"The incident ended with the arrival of the farmer and the police."


Passmore, who was not represented in court, said it was the first time his dog had ever run off and behaved in this way.

He added: "I go to Himley all the time to socialise with other dogs and dog owners and have never had a problem before.

"I have walked this route many times and the farmer who owns the land grows wheat and barley and this is the first time I have known any livestock to be there.

"My dog was rescued when he was 14-months-old and he is fine with people and children I have never had any problems except for what happened on January 14.


"If I have to walk Gambit with a lead and a muzzle then that is what I will have to do but he has always been very well-behaved."

Passmore, aged 43, of Malthouse Drive, Dudley, admitted one charge of owning a dog worrying livestock and another of not keeping his dog under proper control.

He was ordered to pay £630 in court costs and told to pay £2,000 in compensation.

And he was told by magistrate Mrs Marlene Longman to keep his dog under proper control in future.

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