Prison for Wolverhampton mother who threw baby down 44ft rubbish chute

A mother who threw her six-day-old baby 44ft down a rubbish chute in Wolverhampton was today starting a two-and-a-half year jail sentence.

Prison for Wolverhampton mother who threw baby down 44ft rubbish chute

Jaymin Abdulrahman was cleared of attempting to murder her baby – but found guilty of causing grievous harm.

She was also acquitted of a separate charge of causing GBH with intent.

The 25-year-old packed the child into a bin bag before dropping it down the fifth-floor rubbish chute at her Whitmore Reans home.

Father Mohamed Amin found his injured daughter in the rubbish bin

She then broke up the baby's Moses basket with her bare hands and dropped that down the chute, before alleging that two people had abducted the child.

The baby suffered a fractured skull, bleeding on the brain, and now receives round-the-clock care from specially trained foster parents.

A court heard that Abdulrahman, a Kurdish national, was suffering from an extreme form of post-natal depression that affects just one in 500 women at the time.

A psychiatrist said her symptoms 'fitted perfectly' with a mental illness known as postpartum psychosis.

Sentencing her at Birmingham Crown Court yesterday, Mrs Justice Thirlwall told Abdulrahman: "You will have to live with the consequences of your actions for the rest of your life.

"As you said yourself – you were her mother. You should have been her guardian.

"You gave a false story to your husband and the police about the baby being abducted.

"That story was obvious nonsense – it wasted police resources and misled your husband. It was many months before you were able to admit what you had done."

Listen to 999 calls reporting the incident to police. (Warning: distressing content)

Jurors went out to deliberate on Wednesday afternoon and returned their three verdicts just after 3pm yesterday.

Abdulrahman showed no emotion when the verdicts were delivered.

The jury had previously been told that the baby girl – who cannot be named for legal reasons – could have reached speeds of up to 29mph during the fall on September 8 last year.

The drop from the fifth floor would have taken just 2.2 seconds and the child would have hit a metal plate at the bottom, designed to deflect rubbish into a bin.

Abdulrahman called her husband Mohamad Amin immediately after dropping the baby down the chute and told him the girl had been abducted by two people.

It was him who discovered the child in the bin after rushing home from work.

The moses basket that dropped that down the chute

A Moses basket, which had been broken in half, was also found in the bin.

Abdulrahman had told the court of the moment she pushed her baby down the chute, saying: "I put her in a rubbish bag and threw her away. After I did so, I just could not believe what I had just done and I could not understand why I did it. I was in shock."

The baby had suffered severe brain injuries and was not expected to survive.

Following intensive treatment at Birmingham Children's Hospital she was eventually released into a specialist foster home.

Abdulrahman's husband Mohamad Amid told the trial that he had gone to work on September 8 last year and got a call from his wife later in the day saying their child had been abducted.

When asked if he believed her, Mr Amin responded: "Of course I did, that's why I did not hesitate for one second to phone the police."

He said that when he returned home, he found his wife 'standing there like a dummy'.

"She was pale, could not speak and was in shock," he told the court.

Chute baby will live with horrific injuries for life - See today's Express & Star

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