Tech-Talk: Bring your smartphone to your desk phone

What do you think of when you think of a business phone system? A basic tool that helps you to do your job or a confusing looking piece of plastic? Perhaps, you don’t give it much thought at all. Whatever your current views, here’s how your business phone system can become a powerful and intuitive device that will make your day to day work life easier, writes Amelia Ebdon of Network Telecom.

Bring your smartphone to your desk phone
Bring your smartphone to your desk phone

Make free HD video calls

Business phone systems like NT Multimedia have free HD video calling capabilities that allow you to take your business-critical conversations to the next level through face-to-face conversations with your colleagues, partners and customers – regardless of whether they are in the office, on their mobiles or off site.

Check your emails and manage your diary

Have you ever shut down your computer at the end of the day, only to realise that you forgot to reply to that last-minute email or perhaps needed to check your diary for the next morning? With multimedia business phone systems, like NT Multimedia, you can quickly and easily check your emails and keep up to date with your calendar without having to log into your computer.

Download your favourite apps

Anything your smartphone or tablet can do, business phone systems can now do too. Whether you want to post to social media, log into your smart office controls, check the weather, view content or access your documents, these are never more than the touch of a button away.

Connect your Bluetooth and WiFi devices

With built-in Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities, business phone systems such as NT Multimedia allow you to connect your mobile handset, headsets, speakers and other Bluetooth devices to create a personalised and truly powerful multimedia experience. Have a pair of Bluetooth headphones that you prefer? Want to use a particular headset or control your office playlist with a Bluetooth speaker? All of this is easily achievable with a cutting-edge office phone system.

If you want to learn more about NT Multimedia, updating your business phone system or bringing your smartphone to your desk phone you can contact the helpful Network Telecom team on 01952 221 312 or

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